2023. 06. 19.
 – 2023. 06. 25.

AITA / IATA International Amateur Theatre Festival

2023. 06. 19.
 – 2023. 06. 25.
Inviting Theater: Debrecen
Organizer: Hungarian Federation of Amateur Theatres and Players

AITA/IATA 2023 International Amateur Theatre Festival in Debrecen

As part of the 2021 World Festival of the AITA/IATA asbl. (International Amateur Theatre Association), held in Monaco in August 2021, the AITA/IATA General Assembly accepted the offer of the city of Debrecen, to hold its official 2023 International Amateur Theatre Festival in Debrecen, Hungary on 19–25 June. The Hungarian National Centre of AITA/AITA, the Hungarian Federation of Amateur Theatres and Players (Magyar Szín-Játékos Szövetség) was entrusted with organizing the festival.

The annual General Assembly and meeting of the AITA/IATA International Amateur Theatre Association is held in parallel with the 2023 International Amateur Theatre Festival in Debrecen and with the participation of around 100 professionals and the Council of AITA/IATA. The eight regional sub-organizations also hold their General Assembly during the Festival.

The festival will be an event of the 10th Theatre Olympics being held in Hungary, which already declared, at the time of its announcement, that it is open to various art forms and artistic formations of performance art. The 10th Theatre Olympics is also the main sponsor of the festival.

The event will be realized with the dedicated partnership of the University of Debrecen and the University Theatre of Debrecen (DESZínház), the Municipality of Debrecen and the Csokonai National Theatre in Debrecen.

The theme of the festival is: PEACE, Bring Peace and Harmony to the World! The festival will be dedicated to the memory of the iconic theatre director, Peter Brook, who passed away in 2022. The festival is scheduled to present 10 international performances, and the Joint Committee appoints 2 extra performances as a reserve. In addition to the 10 performances of the festival program, the off-programme also includes 3 Hungarian performances. 

In accordance with the decision of AITA/IATA asbl. and the International Amateur Theatre Festival, the Festival is non-competitive, no prizes or monetary awards are given to the participant companies. The Festival will organise free workshops led by international and Hungarian experts.

Festival venues in Debrecen

  • Kóti Árpád Terem,
  • Debrecen és Orfeum
  • Csokonai Fórum Debrecen

Follow the link to submit your application.

The AITA/IATA International Festival of Amateur Theatre, 19–25 June 2023, will bring together the following 12 companies with the following performances.

  • The Theatre Company BUNGEIZA (Japan) Chekov: The Marriage Proposal
  • Dramatic Troupe for artistic creation (Morocco):  Rmed "Ash" 
  • Kalam-center for cultural encounters (Srí Lanka):  Made In…
  • Teatro de Balugas (Portugal): The Van
  • Hoosh Theater (The Netherlands): Nest
  • The Singapore Raffles Music College (Singapore): The Painted Skin
  • The Scream Theater (Poland): Hey, You
  • Tbilisi State University's Theater SKHVENI (Georgia): Cheerful Novels
  • Theatre de la ronde (France): Crash Zone
  • DISK Trnava (Slovakia): OBOLUS
  • Vilnius University Drama Theatre (Lithuania): The Hour 00
  • Multicultural Theater Association RanKids, Voimavara-group (Finland): Divisions 

The festival reserves the right to make changes in the program.