Dimitris Papaioannou - photo: Julian Mommert
Dimitris Papaioannou / Julian Mommert

Dimitris Papaioannou talks about INK

The Greek director, choreographer, and visual artist Dimitris Papaioannou speaks exclusively to Danza&Danza about his art. Starting from the fascinating new work “INK” staged at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia for the Aperto festival.

The relationship with the myth, the relationship with painting in the images of the scene, the meeting between generations and the anticipation of the cast of the new production that will come to Budapest in spring 2023.


További cikkek
We continue our series of reports on the Madách Project. The following is the testimony of Bianca Temneanu, who is doing her Masters in stage directing at the I. L. Caragiale University of Theatre and Film Arts, who, together with two colleagues, staged three scenes of The Tragedy of Man and participated in the artistic process in Hungary.
One of the highlights of the 10th Theatre Olympics was the Madách Project 2023, a program based on the idea of Attila Vidnyánszky, organised by the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. Student director George Zamfir wrote to színház.org about his experience of creating the performance.
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Attila, one of Verdi’s early opera scores that focus on heroic figures in history, was presented in the Margit Island Theatre on August 12, the second operatic treat, presented at the Eiffel Art Studios on August 22, was Karol Szymanowsky’s King Roger. This opera was one of hundreds of events included in the 2023 Theatre Olympics.