Hungary's stages hosted the world's top theatre artists during the 10th Theatre Olympics from April 2023. The genre-rich programme attracted 200 000 viewers and put the country on the world theatre map.
The program of the 10th-anniversary edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM) included an entire festival – Synergy World Theatre Festival – in its “theatre embrace”.
The 10th MITEM Theatre Festival continues to showcase the theatre achievements of Hungarian national theatre and productions from other countries. 
The 10th edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting in Budapest coincided with the Jewish holiday Sukkot (Festival of Booths).
The program of the 10th edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM), which is an echo of the International Theatre Olympiad, seems to be diverse and varied, but in fact, it is calibrated and stylistically very precise. 
If we play back the footage of this production a few years from now, we wonder what we will find the demeanor of this generation, the unique features of their perception of the world and the overall image which the camera recorded the moment they stepped onto the stage.
The Madách International Theatre Meeting, held in the framework of the 10th International Theatre Olympics, once again provided many exciting lessons. It raised three major themes: the war, humankind’s ecological responsibility and the dialogue between East and West in the language of theatre – and sometimes these themes overlapped.
Attila, one of Verdi’s early opera scores that focus on heroic figures in history, was presented in the Margit Island Theatre on August 12, the second operatic treat, presented at the Eiffel Art Studios on August 22, was Karol Szymanowsky’s King Roger. This opera was one of hundreds of events included in the 2023 Theatre Olympics.
Anca Bradu, Director and Professor of the Department of Theatre Directing at the UNATC I. L. Caragiale University of Theatre and Film Arts, wrote about the international programme of events involving young theatre professionals and actors.
They say the best way to get to know each other is to go on a trip. The best way to get to know contemporary theatre is to go to the Theatre Olympics. 
As part of the Theatre Olympics, the director Savvas Stroumpos is presenting his production, Report to an Academy, created at Zero Point Theatre, of which he is the chief director.
Theodoros Terzopoulos, whose play Nora (Attis Theatre) opened the MITEM festival as part of this year’s Theatre Olympics in Hungary and which has resonated around the world, proved once again to be a master of this art. 
András Kozma asked the Russian director Valerij Fokin about the Theater Olympia.
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