Peeping Tom: Triptikon - fotó: Maarten Vanden Abeele
Peeping Tom: Triptikon - fotó: Maarten Vanden Abeele

Triptych – Peeping Tom’s most ambitious production yet

Belgium’s Olivier Award-winning dance-theater innovators come to Budapest with their most ambitious production yet. Triptych will be presented  in the framework of Theater Olympics 2023. 

Following its Mother/Father/Child series and 32 rue Vandenbranden, Peeping Tom reaches new heights of imagination and physical dexterity in this thrilling work. Triptych plunges us into the lives of others with extraordinary dynamism, surprising at every twist and turn.

Three enigmatic and seductive stories come together in a trilogy of shifting time, memory and premonition, played out in cinematic scope and atmosphere. The Missing Room brings us to a place where doors will not open; mysteries deepen further onboard a ship in The Lost Room before culminating in the watery, abandoned restaurant setting of The Hidden Floor.

In Triptych several characters are evolving in spaces from which they cannot escape. They set out to seek an ideal, they left with a dream and with hope. Now, they keep wandering throughout a mysterious and macabre labyrinth in which they are lost. The characters live between reality and what’s imagined, guided by natural forces that lead them to an uncertain destiny. 

Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier create a disturbing, dark and enclosed world – typical in the work of Peeping Tom, while at the same time putting a unique and extreme language of movement and performance at the center of the pieces.

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