Selmeczi György / Csibi Szilvia
Selmeczi György / Csibi Szilvia

György Selmeczi appointed Professor Emeritus

György Selmeczi, Professor of Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts has been appointed to the rank of Professor Emeritus.

Composer, pianist, conductor and opera director György Selmeczi was born on March 8, 1952 in Cluj. In 1971, he was admitted to the Bucharest Academy of Music, where his teachers were György Halmos and Tibor Oláh. In 1975, he continued his studies in Budapest: he studied with Pál Kadosa at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. From 1976 to 1977, he worked in Paris under the direction of Pierre Boulez, then in 1979 – also in Paris – under the direction of Daniel Charles.

Since 2002, he serves as head of the music department of the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest and the music director of the National Theater of Hungary. He performs in many European countries as a conductor, pianist and composer. He has a number of recordings to his name (besides his own works from Liszt to Stravinsky), in addition to these, he produced a popularizing television series about opera (Cluj Opera Tales) and a series of TV interviews with contemporary musicians (My Contemporaries). Partly with the cooperation of the Auris Company, he organized and conducted numerous opera and other musical performances from Bizet to Verdi.

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