Ertl Péter / Lakatos János
Ertl Péter / Lakatos János

Péter Ertl remains the director of the Hungarian National Dance Theater

Péter Ertl has been managing the National Dance Theater since 2013, which received its final home in 2019 under his leadership.

His life was defined by dance from the beginning. He was admitted to the folk dance department of the State Ballet Institute (Hungarian University of Dance), where he graduated with a level award and gained decisive experiences about the love of the profession, the stage, success, and the difficulties of the road leading up to it.

“If I am elected, with 20 years of experience as a dancer, 17 years as a manager, and 10 years as an executive director, my colleagues and I will continue to work for a community in which our profession occupies a recognized and respected place. Our goal is to make dance a part of everyday life “, he writes in his application.

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