Venue and date:
Latinovits Theatre Budaörs
2023. 05. 04., 19:00
2023. 05. 05., 19:00
National Theatre Târgu-Mureș · Tompa Miklós Company
Fotó: Bereczky Sándor

Devil’s rehearsal

Venue and date:
Latinovits Theatre Budaörs
2023. 05. 04., 19:00
2023. 05. 05., 19:00
National Theatre Târgu-Mureș · Tompa Miklós Company
Radu Afrim and the actors
Radu Afrim
Stage designer: 
József Bartha
Costume designer: 
Cristina Milea
Gavriliu Andrea
Vlaicu Golcea

Devil’s rehearsal is a show directed from Radu Afrim's own idea, and the creators of the text are members of the cast themselves. The story is rooted in the world of socialism and extends into the world of today. It is about a suddenly rich businessman, Miklós Levente Ördög, who wants to organize a memorable birthday performance for his son, little Ricsi.

The birthday gala is preceded by casting and a series of rehearsals, the location of which is the now dirty and run-down former cultural center in Görcsszentmiklós, where Miklós Levente Ördög, Ricsi's father, once celebrated Ceaușescu's birthday as a child, which coincided with his own birthday. As we learn from his memoirs, he experienced his birthday as a trauma, since the celebration of Ceaușescu's birthday overshadowed his big day and destroyed it with one blow. This trauma is the reason why Ördög wants to organize a memorable birthday party for his son, which his son will remember happily in his adulthood.

Szidónia Galló, Kati - Katalin Berekméri
Miss Bözse, teacher - Erzsébet B. Fülöp
Postman, Father Barna, Red Waiter from Szováta, Braun Bussh Jr. - Barna Bokor
Hungarian Sound - Bora Kiss
Levi Galló, Gala Rat - Ernő Galló
Székely Girl, Lady Baba - Ramóna Gecse
Master Xaba, Main movement artist - Csaba László
Porn star, Nosferatu - Oszkár Meszesi
Mrs. Ördög, Orsolya Tiszaházy - Orsolya Moldován
Sharon, Theodóra Tisztaházy - Dorottya Nagy
Miklós Levente Ördög, boss, husband and father - Miklós Levente Ördög
Faun, Feri Csibi - Balázs Varga
Immortal Sunshine Trio - Ágnes Lőrincz, Hajnal Somody, Nóra Szabadi
Richard Ördög, Little Richard - Lehel Péter Bardóczy
Laci Nagy - Botond Gergely
Runtime: 130 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 1
Age limit: 14
The Director

Radu Afrim was born in Betlen, Romania in 1968. In 1995, he obtained a liberal arts degree in Romanian-French, and then studied theater direction at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj.

Known as the prodigy of Romanian theater life, the creator became known for his bold directorial adaptations of classics, as well as his staging of Russian, Danish, Swiss, German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian contemporary texts, mostly in adapted form. Some of his works are based on improvisation, so-called "author's performances", for which he often writes the text together with the creative team.

He has directed in most theaters in Romania. He won the UNITER award for the best direction twice, and the most recent award from the Romanian Theater Association was for the performance A nyugalom.

Inviting Theater
Latinovits Theatre Budaörs
Awards and prizes
2014 Atelier – Erzsébet B. Fülöp
2014 Atelier – Ernő Galló
POSZT – Special prize of the jury
2015 UNITER – Katalin Berekméri