Venue and date:
Csokonai Forum, Debrecen
2023. 05. 17., 19:00
National Theatre of Győr

He was everything for everyone

Venue and date:
Csokonai Forum, Debrecen
2023. 05. 17., 19:00
National Theatre of Győr
András Dér
András Dér
Stage designer: 
György Árvai
Costume designer: 
Edit Szűcs
Borbála Blaskó
György Selmeczi

Blessed Bishop Vilmos Apor was everything for everyone. Raised in love, lived his life with the greatness of people capable of giving love, selflessly and dedicatedly. The drama is built like a mosaic, its scenes combine cinematic and theatrical tools, presenting the most important events in the bishop's life from his childhood to his death.

The performance depicts the self-sacrificing, mortally wounded man's struggle for life and, at the same time, for accepting death. As the scenes from the past emerge in the fever dream, we are confronted with the unbroken faith and wisdom of the holy man, with the help of which he carried the idea he swore by: the deep humanism that guided all his actions and ultimately led to his self-sacrificing death.

Writer and director András Dér's sacred text vividly conveys the elevation of the theme, which is reinforced by the special background projection and the music written for this play. The audience can hear the music of the performance composed by one of our greatest contemporary composers, György Selmeczi, and interpreted by the orchestra of the Győr National Theatre.

Gábor Bakos-Kiss
István Ungvári
Judit Agócs
József Sárközi
Violetta Mézes
András Jáger
Orsolya Mihályi
László Posonyi Takács
Attila Fejszés
Marus Dér
István Maszlay
Dániel Kurucz
Ildikó Bende
Bence Móczár
Jázmin Juhász
Anett Haszonics
Tamás Góg
Ádám Szalai
Levente Varanka
Iván Román
Gergő Szabó
Péter Rovó
Runtime: 150 min
Language: Hungarian with English subitles
Acts: 2
Age limit: No restriction
The Director

ANDRÁS DÉR, screenwriter and director

He was born in 1954 in Budapest. In 1972, he graduated from the Budapest Piarist High School. In 1974, he graduated from a photography school. In 1984, he graduated in cinematography at the Academy of Theater and Film Arts. In 1998, he received a degree in film and television directing at the Academy of Theater and Film.

Before and during college, he worked as an assistant director on feature films. After college, he was a board member of Balázs Béla Studio for two years. He produced feature films and documentaries, cultural and youth programs for MTV and DUNA TV. He worked for Australian, French and English companies.

Since 1992, he has been directing in many theaters in the country. Since 1999, he has been an assistant professor at the Institute of Communication and Media at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Between 2010 and 2011, he was the artistic director of the Castle Theater in Esztergom. Since 2015, he has been an invited lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of Kaposvár University.

In 1999, he received the Béla Balázs award

In 2002, he received the Silver Pen award

In 2022, he received the Ferenc Sík award

Award-winning films:

Szépleányok – (1987) documentary film co-director-cinematographer with László Hartai

Awards: - Hungarian Film Review (best director and film critic award)

- Mannheim category main prize and Fipresci prize,

- New York Silver Diploma,

- Kosalyn Grand Prix

Siberian Summer – (1990) (short film, director-cinematographer)

Awards: - London: Award for Best Film and Best Cinematography,

- Huy: Grand Prix,

- Aix-en-Provence Grand Prix,

- Clermont - Ferrand: Canal + special award, Fipresci award,

- Mannheim: Fipresci

Parastrondó - (1993) (documentary, director)

Awards: - Channel 4 award-winning film.

Crossroads - (Portrait of Viktor Fülöp) (1995) (portrait film, director)

Awards: - Ecumenical film review Budapest, creative award

Around the Bend - (2002) (feature film, screenwriter, director)

Awards: - Ecumenical film review Budapest, main prize,

- Lagow: Bronze cluster,

- Moscow: Bronze Brave

The Seven Deadly Sins (Are they sins?) – (2007) (documentary film, director-cinematographer)

Awards: - Hungarian Film Review - Knowledge Dissemination Category - Director's Award

Submersion and rescue (portrait of József Antall, part 2) – (2016) (documentary film, director)

Awards: - Lakitelek Film Review - Special Award

The Rubens Girl - 2019 (Short feature film, director)

Awards: - István Bujtor Film Festival, Best Actress (2020)

Other films:

Bremen Freedom (1992, TV movie, director)

Shadow Age (1990-92, feature film, director)

Extreme east (1990-92, director-cinematographer - Entertaining cultural documentary series from the alternative art world of ex-socialist countries. Produced for London Weekend and FR3)

Ultra Renaissance (1995, documentary, director-cinematographer)

The Other Side (1996, cultural program, director-cinematographer)

The last land (1998, short film, director-cinematographer)

The Arrival of the Lord (1998, television literary program, director-cinematographer)

Songs from Tolnai - Portrait of Ottó Tolnai (1999, documentary-television film, director-cinematographer)

City life – Budapest (1999, English documentary, director)

Visual Music - Portrait of Kálmán Dobos (1999, portrait film, director-cinematographer)

Kiss of the Muse (1999, TV show, director)

Did you laugh today? (2000, TV game, director)

Dezsõ Magyar - Dezsõ Magyar (1999, portrait film, director-cinematographer)

God's Cottage (Szent Erzsébet – 2000, educational short film, director-cinematographer)

Aunt Vilma's Budapest (2000, documentary, co-director with Gyula Zeke, cinematographer)

The weevil must stay in the tree - portrait of Tibor Gencsi (2003, documentary film, director-cinematographer)

Hungarian firsts (informative series)

Servant of God, István Sándor Salesian martyr (2013, short film, director)

What is a Hungarian (2014 documentary, director)

Memory of Csontváry (2015 documentary film, director-cinematographer)

József Antall the Unknown (2016 documentary, director)

Crazy Circles of Freedom (2018 documentary, director)

On the Waves of Storms for the Blue Ribbon (2022 documentary, director)


1990 Siberian summer

1991 Under the skin

1992 Shadow Century

1998 Last Earth

2000 Beyond the bend

2004 Let's protect the flame

2007 Julia

2008 The treasure of the Red Tower

2010 Women's version

2012 100 steps

2013 Servant of God

2014 Vilmos Apor

2014 Cyber ​​Cyrano

2015 Anatomy of a priest murder

2017 Sára of Schalkaházi

2019 The Rubens girl

Award-winning theater direction

2013 Hangyaboly (Kecskemét Soldier József Theater, Best Rural Performance, 2013)

Theater productions:

1992 R.W. Fassbinder: The White Poison (Budapest Chamber Theatre)

1996 P. Claudel: The Angel's Welcome (Merlin Theater - Third Theater of Pécs)

1998 P. Claudel: The guarantor (Merlin Theater)

1999 R. Rose: Twelve Angry People (Géza Gárdonyi Theater in Egri)

2000 Franciscan Passion Play (Budaörs, Kőhegy)

2001 Mishima: Marquis Sade (Géza Gárdonyi Theater in Egri)

2001 Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Fodor-villa – Cuckoo Theater)

2002 W. Nicholson: Shadow Country (Vigadó - Enék a Nemzetekért Foundation)

2003 Budaörs Passion (Budaörs, Kőhegy)

2003 Miller: Salem Witches (Székesfehérvár Vörösmarty Theater)

2003 A. Gelman: Bench (Comedy - Cuckoo Theater)

2004 O. Zahradnik: Azyl (Asylum) (Vertigo Slovak Theatre, Bp.)

2005 P. Karvas: Back entrance (Vertigo Slovak Theatre, Bp.)

2006 András Dér: Imitation (Comedy Theater, Bp.)

2006 Budaörs Passion (Budaörs, Kőhegy)

2009 Zsolt Györei: Voivode Dracula, prisoner of King Matthias (Pinceszínház, Bp.)

2009 Yeats: Triptych (Crescendo Theater)

2010 András Visky: Júlia (monodrama)

2011 Zoltán Egressy: Sóska, Sült krumpli (Géza Gárdonyi Theater in Egri)

2012 Csíksomlyó Passion (Géza Gárdonyi Theater in Egri)

2012 Budaörs Passion (Budaörs, Kőhegy)

2013 Hitzingerova: I forgot (Vertigo, Slovak Theatre)

2014 William Nicholson: Shadow Country (joint production of Csiky Gergely Theater in Kaposvári and the National Theater)

2015 Cat and Dog (Vertigo, Slovak Theatre)

2016 Cocteau: Holy Monsters (National Theatre)

2017 András Sütő: Advent a Hargitá (Sándor Hevesi Theater in Zalaegerszeg)

2018 Gershe, Leonard: Butterflies are free (Kecskemét Katona József theater)

2022 András Dér: Everything for Everyone - Vilmos Apor (co-production of Gyula Castle Theater and Győr National Theatre)

2022 Allen, Woody: Play it Again, Sam! (Zenthe Ferenc Theatre, Salgótarján)


Imitation (drama)

Everything for Everyone (drama)

Inviting Theater
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen