Venue and date:
National Theatre of Pécs
2023. 05. 11., 19:00
Újvidéki Színház
Fotó: Doroški Srđan

Richard III

Venue and date:
National Theatre of Pécs
2023. 05. 11., 19:00
Újvidéki Színház
William Shakespeare
Dejan Projkovszki
Pango Olga
Stage designer: 
Valentin Szvetozarev
Costume designer: 
Ivana Ristic
Ágnes Raffai, Dejan Projkovszki, Róbert Lénárd and The Company
Goran Trajkoszki

The drama Richard III by William Shakespeare is a record-holder among the British author's works in several ways. It is his longest historical work, and in this work, he managed to map the political machinations and the murderous logic of Machiavellianism, which is still active to this day. He created something so powerful that in the middle of the twentieth century, that Jan Kott based his theory of the great mechanism on this one piece of drama: the interpretation of the political machine that kills, processes, and in the end produces the new hope, the new king, who continues everything in the same way, like its predecessors. Directed by Dejan Projkovski, this machinery reaches its peak, but at the same time, the murderous machinery operated in Richard’s character, played by Árpád Mészáros also highlights another aspect of Jan Kott's analyses. Richard is not only a child-and family-killing reaper, but also a clown: a distorted laugher, the predecessor of Verdi's
Rigoletto. Operatic overtones, decadence and overheated emotions tell us (in the city of Novi Sad, 110 years after the last Richard performance) the eternal history of politics.

Árpád Mészáros
Andrea Jankovics
Regina Szabó
Lívia Banka
Attila Német
Martin Bohocki
Ádám Baji
Gabriella Crnkovity
István Kőrösi
Írisz Pressburger
Dániel Gombos
Csaba Kőműves
Ádám Ágyas
Róbert Ozsvár
Dániel Tóth
Dániel Dudás
Zoltán Sirmer
Gábor Pongó
Benjámin Varga
Dániel Huszta
Runtime: 190 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 2
Age limit: 18
The Director

Dejan Projkovski is a Macedonian director, who was born in 1979 in Bitola. He obtained a bachelor and master's degree in theater directing by the National Academy of Theater and Film, "Kr. Safarov” in Sofia. He works as a theater director and acting associate professor at the ESRA Paris-Skopje- New York University of Audiovisual Arts. At very young age, he became the artistic director and director of the Macedonian National Theater. By that time, he had already staged many widely recognized performances, with which he attracted the attention of the international theater world. According to his creed, he only stages productions that he undertakes out of his free will. In his performances, he always formulates his thoughts about the basis of the theater and the human being.

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National Theatre of Pécs