Venue and date:
Szigligeti Theater Szolnok
2023. 05. 09., 11:00
2023. 05. 09., 13:00
Tomcsa Sándor Színház

At the Ark at eight

Venue and date:
Szigligeti Theater Szolnok
2023. 05. 09., 11:00
2023. 05. 09., 13:00
Tomcsa Sándor Színház
Ulrich Hub
Eszter Márkó
Stage designer: 
Réka Deák, Gellért Szűcs-Olcsváry
Costume designer: 
Zenkő Karda
Réka Dunkler
Péter Király

At the Ark at eight is Ulrich Hub's exceptional children's and family play for 6-99-year-olds, performed with great success worldwide. 

Ulrich Hub wrote his work in 2005 at the request of the Baden State Theater in Karlsruhe. Since then, the play has been on a triumphant journey.

In 2006,  the play was nominated for the children and youth drama of the year in Germany and the Netherlands. A year later, the novel was published. In 2008 became the storybook of the year—a heavenly fairytale about three temperamental penguins, a tireless dove and an invisible God.

The dove is exhausted, having just given the last two tickets for the Ark to the penguins before the great flood sent by God begins. However, due to the lack of space, only two of each animal species received life-saving boarding passes. But the two penguins could not leave their friend, the third penguin, alone. What can they do?

The contemporary German author's fairy tale asks big questions about God and the world in a wonderfully funny, liberating, and profound way. In his search for God, the author is helped by his characters - the penguins and the dove. With their childlike naivety - they repeatedly approach the questions of faith and thus find simple and convincing answers—a tale of tolerance, friendship and the search for meaning.

Attila Pál
Kata László
Gellért Szűcs-Olcsváry
Norbert Esti
Botond Barabás
Runtime: 60 min
Language: Hungarian with English subtitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: 6
The Director
Márkó Eszter

Eszter Márkó was born in Sepsiszentgyörgy in 1978. She graduated in 2000 from the István Szentgyörgyi  Theatre University in Tg-Mureș. She is also qualified in theatre pedagogy from the same institution. Between 2000 and 2004, she was a member of the György Harag Company at the Northern Theater in Satu Mare. 

Since 2004  she has been a  company member at the József Attila Theater in Budapest. Since 2006, she has worked as an acting teacher at GNM Acting school. Since 2011 in close cooperation with the Bugac Futóhomok Youth Association, she has been in charge of the planning and implementing of cultural programs, as well as responsible for the professional courses of the Bugac Farm Theater.

In 2013 she was in charge of the children's programs at the National Theater in Budapest. Since 2013 she has been leading professional courses of the Rivalda Theater in Dunaszerdahely. Eszter Márkó has been in the theatre since her childhood, as her mother, Szidónia Krizsovánszky, was also an actress.

Her directing credits include:

 Ágcska (2022), Glorious Jerome (2022), Golden Key ( 2021), Leánder and Lenszirom (2020), Hurrah, Kacabajka! (2018), Nothing (2016), Nyakigláb, Csupaháj, Málészáj (2015), Secrets and Feelings (2015), Jack on the Beanstalk (2014), Gershwin's Loves (2014), Whistler Adventures (2012), Peasant Decameron (2010), Sisters-in-Law (2009).

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