Venue and date:
Bethlen Theater, Budapest
2023. 04. 24., 19:00
Companhia Nova De Teatro


Venue and date:
Bethlen Theater, Budapest
2023. 04. 24., 19:00
Companhia Nova De Teatro
Carina Casuscelli
Lenerson Polonini
Stage designer: 
Lenerson Polonini
Costume designer, dramaturge: 
Carina Casuscelli
Wilson Sukorski
Armando Lima
Felipe Moraes
Lights : 
Verônica Castro
Téo Ponciano
Special indigenous participation by video: 
Wiryça Kariri Xocó
Rosa Freitas
Dramaturgic collaboration (part 1): 
Eduardo Brito
Antônio Simas Barbosa
Production manager: 
Carina Casuscelli, Lenerson Polonini

The performance of Companhia Nova de Teatro is inspired by characters such as Kassandra, Hecuba, Prometheus and Hercules, the play focuses on human crises, migratory flows, refugees, the devastation of the territory of native peoples in Amazônia (Brazil) and Africanity. "The concept of progress has been transferred from the idea of shared improvement to that of individual survival", which intensifies the current conflict of the individual in society. In this sense, the idea of crisis is increasingly present in our society. There is no way to understand the present without accompanying human development throughout history. In this sense, the Companhia Nova de Teatro, plunges into the Greek tragedy and
seeks in it the reflexes and the very essence of man to understand, discuss and reflect on the various meanings of the crisis today, under the voices of these women and men – such rich and complex mythical characters.

Carina Casuscelli
Jacqueline Durans
Miguel Kalahary
Isidro Sanene
Runtime: 60 min
Language: Portugal with Hungarian and English subltitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: 16 years
The Director
Lenerson Polonini

Lenerson Polonini is the Co-founder and rtistic Director of Companhia Nova de Teatro, He developed research in the work of Samuel Beckett and the visual scene, performative and hybridism in the theater. He directed the plays "Beckett Repertoire 1-2" (2003) and "Beckett Repertoire 3" (2005), "Heiner Müller in Repertoire" (Medeamaterial, Hamletmaschine and Description of Image), Doctor Faustus Light the Ligths and "Listen, Little Man!", at Sesc Av. Paulista, in São Paulo, A Cripta de Poe (2011), Krísis, premiering in Athens (2013), 2xForeman, supported by PROAC Production of the Secretariat of State of Culture of Sao Paulo. In 2016, he produced the project Barulho D'água. In 2017, he directed the play The Gods Are Pounding My Head by Richard Foreman at SESC Pinheiros. He is the Brazilian Cultural Ambassador of La MaMa Experimental Theater NY.

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Maladype Theatre