Venue and date:
Csokonai Forum, Debrecen - Latinovits Zoltán room
2023. 06. 15., 19:00
National Theatre of Miskolc
Feketeszárú cseresznye
A Miskolci Nemzeti Színház Feketeszárú cseresznye című előadása

The Black Cherry

Venue and date:
Csokonai Forum, Debrecen - Latinovits Zoltán room
2023. 06. 15., 19:00
National Theatre of Miskolc
Sándor Hunyadi
Artur Szőcs
Stage designer: 
György Árvai
Costume designer: 
Edit Szűcs
Attila Fűzi

The Black Cherry is set just over a hundred years ago, in Baška, during the First World War and immediately after the Treaty of Trianon, when the new borders are drawn and the village of Darab is annexed to Serbia. It has a strong love triangle story, the kind where three good people who respect each other get into this situation through no fault of their own, and no one comes out of it well, not even those who are left with their love for each other. For a play, the production does not even trust in the future happiness of the lovers, casting a dark shadow over them and us, the husband's implied suicide.

Artur Szőcs, the director, has intensified the parts referring to the opposition between You and Us (in the play, nationality), which was originally included in Sándor Hunyady's text, and has inserted military scenes, and, paying attention to detail, has even asked Zoltán Simon to weave a separate love thread into the story, in view of the female bass player of the BABRA ensemble. There are Serbian-language parts, Hungarian and Serbian songs included. 

And then the text, the music, the dance and the actors' mutually reinforcing interplay came together to create a full, flowing and elemental play.

(Lilla Turbuly)

Márk Bodoky
András Lajos
Lilla Czvikker
Erika Nádasdy
Fanni Prohászka
Ferenc Fandl
Zoltán Simon
György Somhegyi
Kornél Tegyi
Péter Kokics
Kristóf Feczesin
Sándor Keresztes
Károly Kincses
Dezső Szegedi
Valéria Kerekes
Anna Molnár
András Márton B.
BABRA ensemble, Zoltán Váradi, Kristóf Fazekas, Flóra Fodor, Péter Galambos, Dorottya Hajdú, Zsófia Kovács, Levente Vanyó, Benjámin Volyák
Runtime: 200 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 2
Age limit: no restriction
The Director
Szőcs Artur

Artur Szőcs is a director who graduated from the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts with a double major in acting and directing. In 2012, he signed a contract with the National Theatre of Miskolc, where he plays, directs and is a member of the theatre's artistic council. His activities now focus more on directing.  As a director, he works all over the country, and his unique, energetic and self-directed productions are a unique feature of the theatre repertoire.

He has a unique theatrical and formal language, equally at home with the absurd and the classical. He is able to create exciting and remarkable performances in all genres.

Even as a student, he attracted attention and success with his performances of Demonology and Period.

In 7hour7's assessment, his production of The Bacchae Wives was one of the 40 most important performances of 2016.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle was included in the 2018 POSZT competition programme.

The Szeged production of Somewhere in Europe was nominated for the 2019 Theatre Critics' Prize in the category of Best Musical/Entertainment.

The jury has selected Black Cherry for the 2020 POSZT competition programme. 

In addition to his work as an actor and director, he has taught at the University of Theatre and Film Arts.

Inviting Theater
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen