Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting - Open-air show
2023. 06. 22., 23:00
KTO Theatre
Fotó: Arkadiusz Szadkowski
Street theatre

The Fragrance of Time

Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting - Open-air show
2023. 06. 22., 23:00
KTO Theatre
Jerzy Zoń
Jerzy Zoń
Krzysztof Jędrysek, Aleksander Kopański
Stage designer: 
Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz
Costume designer: 
Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz, Joanna Jaśko-Sroka
Pjotr Iljics Csajkovszkij
Zbigniew Sułkowski
Selection of music: 
Jan Poprawa, Jerzy Zoń
Music arrangements for harmonica pieces: 
Paweł Ostafil
Stage set concepts: 
Jerzy Zoń
Stage set production: 
Robert Calikowski

'The performance lasts one hour and is like one’s paging through an old family album. A shade of sepia, some crumbs of melancholy, a gram of nostalgia. And also a teardrop of sentimentalism, quite inevitable in such circumstances."

Paweł Głowacki, Dziennik Polski

One of the most spectacular open-air productions by Jerzy Zoń, bearing reference to the enchanted world of a childhood filled with hopes and fears and inspired by the director’s life and the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hugo Claus and Emil Zegadłowicz. The show has been presented at over 60 festivals in 15 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Iran, Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, France, Romania and Spain.

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Aleksandra Deka
Justyna Orzechowska
Magdalena Dymsza
Paulina Lasyk
Magdalena Pietnoczka
Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa
Marta Zoń
Sławomir Bendykowski / Szymon Pater
Bartek Cieniawa / Jacek Joniec
Tytus Grochal
Aleksander Kopański
Adam Plewiński
Tomasz Łukawski
Mieszko Syc
Karol Śmiałek
Krzysztof Tyszko
Runtime: 60 min
Acts: 1
Age limit: no restriction
The Director
Jerzy Zoń

Jerzy Zoń is the co-founder and director of the KTO Theatre since 1978.

Author of pioneering shows and monumental outdoor productions, seen by over 3,000,000 spectators in over 40 countries on five continents.

He has been awarded the Gold Cross of Merit, the Silver Cross of Merit, the Gloria Artis medal, the Honoris Gratia medal, and the Medal for Merit to Culture. He is a laureate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Theatre Award granted for special achievements in theatre.

Zoń is the creator of the characteristic non-verbal theatre language, which became the trademark of the KTO Theatre and the source of its international successes.

Creator and director of the ULICA Festival held since 1988.

Director, scriptwriter and producer of large outdoor productions and international theatre projects, among them: Chorus of Orphans, Peregrinus, The Blind, The Fragrance of Time, I’ll Sell the House in Which I Can Live No More.

Inviting Theater
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting - Open-air show