Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Main Stage
2023. 06. 07., 19:00
Juliette Binoche és Az angyal válaszol
TheatreReading performance

The matter of light

Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Main Stage
2023. 06. 07., 19:00
Based on the book of Gitta Mallász: Talking with Angels
Wajdi Mouwad, Zoltán Rátóti
Gyöngyi Kardos and Enikő Sepsi
Stage design: 
Gyöngyi Kardos and Renáta Liszi

At the turn of 1943–44, amidst the inhumanity of the Second World War, four young artists hungry for truth begin to talk and ask each-other questions to which they receive unexpected answers; they are given teachings over seventeen months in Budaliget (Budapest), then in Garay Street and in the military sewing workshop converted from the Katalin Home for Girls. Gitta Mallasz, the sole survivor of the group, transcribes these dialogues, which turn into the book Talking with Angels, now available in 25 languages. These dialogues give strength and hope. They open our eyes to our human dignity, duty and freedom. The eternal teachings are cathartically relevant. They are a wake-up call for us to become HUMAN in the turmoil of our modern world.

Oscar-winning French film actress Juliette Binoche is a long-time fan of the book, and after many readings, she now presents it to us on stage. This reading-performance in Budapest is a dress rehearsal for a performance in the making, it breathes life into the statements and teachings of Talking with Angels. The evening session will also feature actor-director Wajdi Mouawad, and Nelli Szűcs of the National Theatre.

"Radiation becomes matter; matter becomes radiation.

Everything in creation consists of force and matter.

These two alone would be 'outer darkness';

but the Creator rests within all of creation.

If you really shine, this is not merely force:

there is nothing more blind than force alone.


(Extract from the book, Dialogue 34)

The reading will be followed by a discussion on the Main Stage with Juliette Binoche, Wajdi Mouawad, Nelli Szűcs, Gyöngyi Kardos, Zoltán Rátóti and Enikő Sepsi.

Juliette Binoche
Wajdi Mouwad
Nelli Szűcs
Runtime: 90 min
Language: French and Hungarian with English and Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 1
Inviting Theater
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest