Festival date:
2023. 06. 19 – 2023. 06. 24.
Kaszás Attila Pajta Színház

Kultúrpajta Festival

Festival date:
2023. 06. 19 – 2023. 06. 24.
Host theater: Viszák
Organizer: Kaszás Attila Association of Cultural Preservation
Festival infos

Dear Friend,

Theatre Olympics in Viszák?! Of course.

The Kaszás Attila Barn Theatre wishes to take advantage of this opportunity in Hungarian theatre history to present the miracle of fifteen years of history of a bucolic space. „To see by seeing.”

It was a sense of absence and the intention of my actor friend Attila Kaszás to strengthen cross-border culture, to send a message from Upper Hungary (Felvidék), and then his sudden death in 2007, that raised this community-strengthening cause.

At the heart of his thought, the Theatre - intended to transmit our national culture!

"Old is New" is the value-preserving idea that gave birth to the first message garden, the Fairy Garden (Tündérkert) in Viszák, the work of forester and pomologist Gyula Kovács, who saved our indigenous fruit culture. 

This made 2009 the year in which the identity of the KAPSZ was established.

Everything that is organically with us today was born there and then.

László Tenk, painter, Lőrinc Csernyus, architect, Gyula Kovács, pomologist, Erika Miklósa, opera singer and many other supportive people from Viszák validate our intention.

It is almost impossible to list how we have moved through the last fifteen years in an expanding community.

But we certainly have 15 years of healing behind us. 

Best regards,

József Szarvas

PS.: Allow me to present a preview of our programme in Viszák without any obligation of completeness, meaning the right to change the programme is reserved!

22 JUNE 2023, Thursday

  • Musical Exam Performance Presented by the second-year students of the University of Theatre and Film Arts. Director teacher: László Méhes. Music director: György Ferenczy. Head of class: József Szarvas
  • Rege of Fire and Jacinth. Musical Poetry Evening . A performance by the Csavar Theatre from Upper Hungary.
  • Sándor Petőfi: John the Valiant. Director: Sebestyén László Szabó. Performance of the Hungarian Chamber Theatre in Zenta
  • Folk music concert and dance house by the Boglya Ensemble


23 JUNE 2023, Friday

  • Sándor Petőfi Poem songs. Presented by the Borvirág Ensemble and József Szarvas
  • "When..." From the short stories of Attila Bartis. Presented by Zsolt Bogdán – performance of the Spektrum Theatre in Târgu Mureș
  • Sándor Petőfi: The Hammer of the Village. Director: Vidnyánszky Attila. Performance of the Transcarpathian Regional Hungarian Drama Theatre
  • KAPSZ Song evening. Let our songs be heard in Viszák!!!” Performed by the Borvirág Ensemble, the citizens of Kékcse and Viszák.


24 JUNE 2023, Saturday

Viszák family greeting, all-day festive bustle, the final day of the Theatre Olympics in Vas County.  

  • Exhibition openingExhibiting artists: Endre Hegedüs painter, Sándor Krisztiáni sculptor
  • "Beautiful, aesthetic, interactive, physical comedy…" Director: Tom Greder. Presented by the second-year students of the University of Theatre and Film Arts and many more
  • Pityu Berecz and his friends present and show. Motto: You must be there!