Festival date:
2023. 05. 12. - 2023. 05. 14.

Storytelling Festival

Festival date:
2023. 05. 12. - 2023. 05. 14.
Host theater: Karinthy Theatre, Budapest
Organizer: Karinthy Theatre, Budapest
Festival infos

A tale is the purest and deepest mirror of a people's soul. It is the tale that first opens up our imagination, that first gives us patterns, role models, in short, it is the tale that opens up the world to us. The tale knows no irrelevance.

Every word of it contains the truest meaning, which is why, when we listen to each other's tales, we are confronted with the most essential testimony that only a people can give. Each people knows something that the other does not, and although all people are profoundly alike, the way they record reality, the way they give form to their feelings and thoughts, can be extremely diverse. All human beings are created in the image of God, yet they are different in features, and together they make up the whole face.

In this unpeaceful world, where relationships are fragmented, tales are the purest means of building bridges between cultures and peoples. We would like the festival to give us a glimpse into the soul of the Estonian, Persian and Greek people, to be inspired by their stories, to glimpse the worldviews that these stories portray. That's why everyone will speak to us in their own language, through the melody and rhythm of their own language, so that we can hear their unique harmonies clearly.

András Berecz, Kossuth Prize-winning storyteller

A fesztivál előadásai:

  • 12 May – 5 pm. Päär Piret (Estonia) – Tickets
  • 12 May – 7 pm.  Tom Muir (Scotland) – Tickets
  • 13 May – 3 pm. Talemaidnes (Greece) – Tickets
  • 13 May – 5 pm. András Berecz Storyteller – Tickets
  • 13 May – 7 pm. Päär Piret (Estonia) – Tickets
  • 14 May – 3 pm. Tom Muir (Scotland) – Ticktes
  • 14 May – 5 pm. András Berecz Storyteller – Tickets 
  • 14 May – 7 pm.  Talemaidnes (Greece) – Tickets