Prométheusz’22 - fotó: Biró István
Prométheusz’22 - fotó: Biró István

Prometheus’22 to debut in Ljubljana

Prometheus’22 will premiere in Ljubljana on 15 October at the SNT Drama Ljubljana’s Great Hall, directed by Gábor Tompa, and will be performed six more times between 16–22 October.

Based on the tragedy Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, the production which is a Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian and English co-production by the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, the Constanta State Theater, and SNT Drama Ljubljana, is staged as part of the Union of the Theatres of Europe’s Disaster project.

The premiere in Cluj took place at the end of the 2021/2022 season, on 1 July. “It is safe to say that we have seen few better, more profound performances in Cluj theatres in recent times. A special feature is the multinational cast, who have become very well attuned to each other during the rehearsal process. The visual elements, sound effects and the music emphasise the message of the performance, and the fast-paced events engage the audience. At the same time, great actors embody the characters in the play, and the Slovenian Igor Samobor, who plays Prometheus, plays the lead role with great depth and feeling”, wrote Csaba Nánó after the premiere.

The next performance will take place on Saturday 26 November at 7pm at the Interferences International Theatre Festival.

The production features Igor Samobor, Domen Novak, Eva Jesenovec (SNT Drama Ljubljana), Cătălina Mihai, Florin Aioane, Ecaterina Lupu, Mirela Pană, Dana Dumitrescu (Constanta State Theater), Gábor Viola, Áron Dimény, Tamás Kiss, Anikó Pethő, Eszter Román, Zsolt Bogdán, Andrea Vindis, Melinda Kántor (Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj).

Erwin Șimsensohn (associate director), Carmencita Brojboiu (set and costume design), Vasile Șirli (composer), Ágnes Kali (dramaturg), Ferenc Sinkó (choreographer), Radu Daniel (video artist), and Gyopár Bocskai (assistant visual designer) contributed to the production.

The production will premiere in January 2023 in Constanta, and will also take part in the Finisterra Festival in Porto in February 2023, organised by the São João National Theatre and the Union of the Theatres of Europe.

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