An exhibition of works by scenic, set and costume designers opens at the Theatre Olympics

As part of the Theatre Olympics, an exhibition of the works of the Hungarian Society of Set, Costume and Scenic Designers will open on 20 April at 4.30 pm at the Vigadó, as a side programme of this year’s MITEM.

The first STAGESPACE exhibition was organised in 2010 featuring a selection of productions from the previous two years, recognising that though productions could not be created and the “magic” would not happen without the designers’ work, the designers’ names and creations remain mostly unknown to the general public.

The annual summing-up exhibitions held since 2010 have done and continue to do a lot for the visibility and recognition of the profession.

The organisers of the exhibition within the framework of the Theatre Olympics have launched an open call to the entire profession: the designers themselves choose their favourite productions from the last 15 years.

The exhibition space will not only feature tableaux, but also original designs, set elements, models, furniture, puppets and costumes, providing a representative overview of the Hungarian scene. It’s a unique opportunity and a real immersive behind-the-scenes experience for the general public to see these works “up close” in broad daylight instead of in the spotlight, to admire the craft of illusion-making instead of the illusion.

Theatre is a complex art form, with many artists working together to stage a production. The exhibition presents this creative process.

List of exhibitors:

György Árvai, Ildikó Balla, Krisztina Berzsenyi, Mara Bozóki, Nóra Bujdosó, Balázs Cziegler, Rita Dévényi, László Erkel Kentaur, Anni Füzér, Károly Hoffer, Balázs Horesnyi, Jenny Horváth, Kata Horváth, Krisztina Ignjatović, Bianca Imelda Jeremias, Csörsz Khell, Zsolt Khell, Borka Kiss, Zsuzsa Molnár, Fruzsina Nagy, Anikó Németh, Klaudia Orosz, Gábor Palya, Tamás Rákay, Erzsébet Rátkai, István Rózsa, László Székely, Éva Szendrényi, István Szlávik, Edit Szűcs, Ildi Tihanyi, Hajnal Tordai, Kázmér Tóth, Zsófi Varjas, Anna Varsányi, Vivien Virág, Edit Zeke

Exhibition open until 25 June

Curator: Ildikó Balla

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