Photo: Oana Monica Noz
The 10th edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting in Budapest coincided with the Jewish holiday Sukkot (Festival of Booths).
The program of the 10th edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM), which is an echo of the International Theatre Olympiad, seems to be diverse and varied, but in fact, it is calibrated and stylistically very precise. 
2023 is a milestone in the history of the Hungarian Theatre. In the spring of 2023, the Theatre Olympics took place here, which was the largest in the history of this project. The special edition of Madách International Theatre Meeting is also perceived as a continuation of the Theatre Olympics.
We continue our series of reports on the Madách Project. The following is the testimony of Bianca Temneanu, who is doing her Masters in stage directing at the I. L. Caragiale University of Theatre and Film Arts, who, together with two colleagues, staged three scenes of The Tragedy of Man and participated in the artistic process in Hungary.
Macbeth - Chorus Repertory Theatre
According to the National Theatre of Hungary, the Chorus Repertory Theatre of India will not be able to hold its guest performances rescheduled from the original date to 6-7 June, and has therefore been cancelled from the MITEM programme.
Attis Theatre: Nora - photo: Johanna Weber
Theodoros Terzopoulos, whose play Nora (Attis Theatre) opened the MITEM festival as part of this year’s Theatre Olympics in Hungary and which has resonated around the world, proved once again to be a master of this art. 
Life is a dream Cheek by Jowl credit Javier Naval
From Easter to Midsummer's night, Budapest and Hungary will become a celebratory meeting point for the theatrical world as 400 companies from 58 countries converge to perform in the 10th International Theatre Olympics. 
This is the first time art reception has been studied with Noldus FaceReader, the results of this research will be presented during the workshop.
To study the workings of the chorus is to fathom the depths of the person, giving back to theater its sacred origin as a community rite.
On 8 May in the Kaszás Attila Hall of the National Theatre, invited guests will discuss contemporary Mexican theatre.
The ISTA Theatrum Mundi performance of Anastasis (Resurrection) preceded by a book launch for Eugenio Barba - Nicola Savarese's The Five Continents of Theatre - Facts and Legends about the Material Culture of the Actor, with the participation of the author Eugenio Barba.
Foto Racmolnar Milan_Kerekaszal_InSite_Az orias olelese
A nationwide survey conducted by the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church Theatre Pedagogy Research Group assessed the current state of the field in spring 2023. The first results of this survey will be reported and compared with the results of a similar survey conducted 10 years earlier.
Before the performance of the Tibetan opera, there will be a discussion on the tradition with TIPA leaders Dhondup Tsering and Shamten Dhondup.
The workshop aims to promote research in the sociology of theatre in Hungary.
Nemzeti Színház - fotó: Eöri Szabó Zsolt
In this one day workshop at the intersection of science and theatre, a discourse on what role the stage can play in the Anthropocene is opened.
Látványtér kiallitas (1)
As part of the Theatre Olympics, an exhibition of the works of the Hungarian Society of Set, Costume and Scenic Designers will open on 20 April at 5 pm at the Vigadó, as a side programme of this year's MITEM.
Avtandil Varsimashvili credit Eöri Szabó Zsolt
Award-winning Georgian director Avtandil Varszimashvili recently presented a Brecht play at the National Theater of Hungary, and on April 26-27 he will come to the 10th Theater Olympics with two Shakespeares. We talked about making theater and what a director's greatest virtue is.
Slava Snowshow  credit Veronique Vial
Between 16-18 June, as part of the Theatre Olympics, there will be five performances of SnowShow by the legendary company of French-based international cultural icon Slava Polunin.
Drive Your Plow... Photo: Camilla Adams
Organisers of the MITEM announced newest additions to the line-up of performances. Tickets already available.
Declan Donnellan és Nick Ormerod - fotó: Johan Persson
What makes this classic of Baroque Spanish drama topical? What is the difference between film and theatre? What makes the Theatre Olympics special? These are some of the questions we asked of the British creators of Life is a Dream, a production coming to MITEM from Madrid.
This time we recommend productions presented as part of the Theater Olympics by Transylvanian, Slovenian, Greek, and French companies.
Nemzeti Színház - fotó: Eöri Szabó Zsolt
Attila Vidnyánszky - "We have chosen the ark as the symbol of the festive 10th Theatre Olympics and within it, the 9th MITEM."
Psyche scene in the labyrinth - photo: Zsolt Eöri Szabó
A Flash Report on MITEM 2016
Huseyn Alp Tahmaz: Where to?, Ankara State Theatre (d: Volkan Özgömet) - photo: Eöri Szabó Zsolt
Flash Report on MITEM 2014 Productions
The SCOT-Suzuki Company's performance of The Trojan Women followed by an audience meeting to launch Tadashi Suzuki's book Culture is the Body, with the author.
Attis Theatre's performance of A Doll’s House followed by an audience meeting to present Theodoros Terzopoulos' book The Return of Dionysus, with the author.