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Workshop on the Sociology of Theatre

The workshop aims to promote research in the sociology of theatre in Hungary.

There has been little research into the sociology of theatre in Hungary. The basic questionnaire (and its variants) developed by the earlier international STEP (Project on European Theatre Systems) research project did not focus primarily on social (e.g. demographic) data sets (which would be the task of classical theatre sociology), but on the group-level mapping of spectator experiences (thematic, aesthetic, communicative, contextual, identification) (using qualitative and quantitative tools).

In this workshop, we will discuss questionnaires as methodological guides for students and researchers, related methodological problems, contemporary theories in the sociology of theatre, research to date and the latest research with international experts, national academics and students. The workshop aims to promote research in the sociology of theatre in Hungary. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the journal Uránia in Hungarian and English.

Invited contributors: Hans van Maanen, University of Groningen, professor emeritus; Chris Balme, LMU Munich; Stephen Wilmer, Trinity College, Dublin; Joshua Edelman, Manchester Metropolitan University; Marlieke Wilders, University of Groningen; Antine Zijlstra, NHL Stenden, Leeuwarden; Hedi-Liis Toome, University of Tartu; Magdolna Balkányi, University of Debrecen, professor emeritus; Lilla Gódor, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary (KRE), MA student in Theatre Studies

Organisers: Enikó Sepsi (KRE) and Attila Szabó (KRE-SZFE)

29 April 2023, Saturday, 2 – 6 pm, Kaszás Attila Hall
Simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian and English
Registration: [email protected]

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A Színházi Olimpia hivatalos megnyitója - fotó: 4K Media Studio
Hungary's stages hosted the world's top theatre artists during the 10th Theatre Olympics from April 2023. The genre-rich programme attracted 200 000 viewers and put the country on the world theatre map.
Kutszegi Csaba
The diverse programme of the 10th Theatre Olympics included dance, a special genre of theatre. Among more than 40 performances were classical ballet, contemporary dance, movement art, and folk dance. We asked critic Csaba Kutszegi for his views on the performances.
The founder of the Theatre Olympics, Teodoros Terzopulos, is currently in Budapest rehearsing with the company of the National Theatre of Hungary for the production of Mother Courage and Her Children. We talked about the 10th Theatre Olympics hosted by Hungary, his relationship with tradition and audiences, and also the upcoming play.