Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting, Nagymaros - Theatre tent
2023. 06. 24., 17:00
Song of the Goat Theatre


Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting, Nagymaros - Theatre tent
2023. 06. 24., 17:00
Song of the Goat Theatre
Based on Sophocles
Grzegorz Bral
Stage designer: 
Robert Florczak, Grzegorz Bral
Costume designer: 
Alicja Gruca
Julien Touati
Alicja Bral
Dimitris Varkas, Kamil Abt

A rhythmic and loud performance, a distinct rock opera. Each rhythm played on medieval cauldrons is the rhythm of ancient Greek poetry. Each tells a different emotion, a separate event. Creon’s world is one caged in anger and chaos, filled with violence and usurpation. Every strong emotion is torture to others. Creon fights with a woman: Antigone. Out of fear of this woman, a murderer emerges. Why does the ruler dread her? The stage is filled to the brim with masculine elements; aggressive, merciless. Pervaded with melo-declamations, dialogue and chants, the music fits the text of Greek tragedy.

The performance is the first part of the Anty-Gone Triptych, one of the largest projects by the Song of the Goat Theatre. Seven Gates of Thebes, Anty-Gone and Ecstasy – three theatrical visions, three points of view, three autonomous performances connected by the common denominator centered around Antigone, the masterpiece of Sophocles. The authors reinterpret, analyze and comment on the Greek text with the use of words, music, contemporary dance and movement.

Ticket information:

A limited number of theatre tickets can be purchased for theatre performances starting at 16.30/17.00 in the V4 Festival Theatre Tent.

The reduced price theatre ticket is only valid for the performance in the theatre tent, but after the performance, the audience will receive a day ticket wristband at the exit of the tent, which will also be valid for the other festival programmes, evening concerts and the open-air theatre production.

Of course, with a V4 Festival pass and a day ticket, you can attend all the festival's programmes, including theatre tent and open-air performances.

The theatre ticket wristband is valid only for access to the theatre tent and cannot be used to enter the festival area before the performance. In case of delay, after the performance has started, there is no possibility of late entry or subsequent reservation. In this case, you can exchange your theatre ticket for a day ticket by purchasing an additional ticket on the spot and paying the difference.

Kamil Abt
Anu Almagro
Gabriel Almagro
Mikołaj Bońkowski
Jakub Lechki
Dominik Kujawa
Bogdan Koca
Julien Touati
Przemysław Michalak
Dimitris Varkas
Runtime: 60 min
Language: Polish with Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: no restriction
The Director
Grzegorz Bral

Theatre director, who developed his own acting method called Bral Acting Method. President of Song of the Goat Association, co-founder and artistic director of Song of the Goat Theatre, artistic director of Brave Festival - Against Cultural Exile, Brave Kids and Brave Together; director of the project „Let’s plant a forest”; president of Bral Foundation. Since the 1990s, he has been working for the charity organization ROKPA International. In 2013, he established his own theatre school in London, the Bral School of Acting.

He studied literature, psychology and theatre studies. From 1987 to 1992 he cooperated with the Centre for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice. From 2010 to 2012, he was an artistic director of the Warsaw’s Studio Theatre.

Grzegorz Bral received numerous awards for his outstanding artistic activities. His awards list includes the Honorary Order of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, SCOTSMAN FRINGE FIRST 2004 and HERALD ANGEL 2004. In 2009, his theatre team was nominated for the XII European Theatre Prize in New Theatrical Realities category. During Fringe Festival 2012 in Edinburgh, the play Songs of Lear directed by him received Fringe First, the oldest and most prestigious award of the festival. The award is presented annually by The Scotsman daily paper to the most innovative projects of the festival. What is more, Songs of Lear won HERALD ARCHANGEL award and a special award within MUSICAL THEATRE MATTERS AWARDS during the same festival. Songs of Lear were classified in 1st place in the ranking of all theatre performances presented in Edinburgh, prepared by The List. The play was also nominated for the Total Theatre Award.

Educational activity is another vital aspect of Bral’s professional activity. Together with Song of the Goat Theatre team he created an unique way of acting training named Bral Acting  Method. Many artists have been inspired by this method, which he originated. His educational work and annual workshops attract actors and directors from around the world. In the UK, seven out of the fifteen existing theatre schools included the elements of this method in their curricula. Grzegorz Bral has organized a great number of workshops around the world. Till 2012 he had been teaching drama techniques as a part of MA in Acting programme led by Song of the Goat Theatre in cooperation with Manchester Metropolitan University. Since 2013, educational activities have been carried out in cooperation with the Bral School of Acting in London.

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