Venue and date:
Gózon Gyula Theatre, Budapest
2023. 06. 17., 19:00
Teatrul Figura Studio Theatre


Venue and date:
Gózon Gyula Theatre, Budapest
2023. 06. 17., 19:00
Teatrul Figura Studio Theatre
Mika Myllyaho
Szófia Deli
Stge designer: 
Kató Huszár
Costume designer: 
Doró Sikó
Orsolya B. Markó
Gábor Kolozsi Borsos and Anna Sosovicza

Mika Myllyaho is a contemporary Finnish playwright, actor and director of the Finnish National Theatre since 2010. His second play, Chaos, published in 2008, follows the lives of three women in their thirties. The story of Eni, Juli and Andi is a dark comedy of women trapped by society's expectations, in which the seemingly ordinary lives of seemingly ordinary women suddenly turn into a series of hair-raising extremes. When the world's troubles become too much for them, they sit down over a cup of coffee and try to discover the causes and consequences of their crises. As the three Graces try to get out of their comfort zones, their relaxed afternoons at the café turn into fights, grave-digging and even police raids.

Chaos descends into real chaos, successfully blurring the lines between pity and humour, compassion and contempt, tragedy and light-hearted laughter.

Andi - Boróka Bartha
Juli - Míra Szilágyi
Eni - Zsuzsanna D. Gulácsi
Runtime: 100 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 1
Age limit: 16 years
The Director

Born in Szentendre, Szófia Deli graduated in 2020 from the University of Arts, Târgu Mures, where she also continued her master studies in stage directing and cultural management. Between 2020-2022 she has been employed by the Dunakanyar Theatre in Vác, but she has also worked as a freelance director for several companies, mainly in Transylvania. She often experiments with non-traditional theatre forms and spaces, and is a frequent participant and collaborator in theatre youth programmes (Behívó – the Theatre Pedagogy Programme of Katona József Theatre, cooperation with the Kerekasztal Theatre Education Centre). Most of her performances are co-written with Orsolya B. Markó, a permanent dramaturg and collaborator.

Her most important performances include: The White King – educational theatre (Târgu Mureș/Budapest), Palimadár à  la carte (Târgu Mureș), There Is No Queue at the Fish Stall (Novi Sad), We Are Shrewed! (Târgu Mureș/Novi Sad), Danube Bend (Vác), Szerbusz! (Odorheiu Secuiesc). Performances at the Figura Studio Theatre: Chaos (2021), The Tragedy of Man – educational theatre (2022).

Inviting Theater
Gózon Gyula Theatre, Budapest
Awards and prizes
XXXIV. Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres: Míra Szilágyi for her versatile stage appearance (Kisvárda, 2022)