Venue and date:
Budapest Puppet Theatre
2023. 05. 14., 15:00
Groupa Coincidentia, Poland
Fotó: Michał Strokowski
Puppet theatre


Venue and date:
Budapest Puppet Theatre
2023. 05. 14., 15:00
Groupa Coincidentia, Poland
Anna Andraka, Paweł Chomczyk
Grupa Coincidentia
Karolina Garbacik
Stage designer: 
Małgorzata Tarasewicz – Wosik
Jerzy Bielski
Tymon Chomczyk, Krystyna Chomczyk
Robert Jurčo, Bogusław Kasperuk

Common scare – would be the literal translation of polish name Straszka pospolita. While this popular dragonfly species can be found by the lake or by the river, common fears are found eeeeeeeeeeeeverywhereeeeeeeeeeeeee. Once they are larger, once smaller. They lurk on children and adults day and night. Where do they come from? How do they work? Why and what for are we scared? These questions are brought up in the latest performance by the Coincidentia Group, who invites viewers every age to a peculiar laboratory of fear and joint exploration of its essence. It is a crazy journey into the depths of the human head, bizarre dreams, a bedtime stories and fables, realized through a collage of fantasies and theatrical experiments. Artists recreate on stage the mechanisms of fear by playing with different conventions, by stage improvisations, scientific texts, dramatic as well as authentic children's stories. Performers use a wide range of means of expression from acting, puppetry, material and visual theater to live music, embracing the piece with a great deal of humor and absurdity. It is "funny and scary" encouragement of taming fears, addressed not only to the little viewers.

Dagmara Sowa
Paweł Chomczyk
Runtime: 70 min
Acts: 1
Age limit: 6 years
The Director
Groupa Coincidentia

Grupa Coincidentia is a freelance theater, founded in 2009 by Dagmara Sowa and Paweł Chomczyk (graduates of the Białystok Puppet Art Department of the Theater Academy). Coincidentia has produced over a dozen performances in collaboration with artists such as: Michael Vogel, Łukasz Kos, Christiane Zanger, Paweł Aigner, Michał Walczak, Robert Jarosz, Christoph Bochdansky, Paweł Passini, Robert Drobniuch, Konrad Dworakowski. Coincidentia's shows have been presented at numerous festivals in Europe, Asia and North America and have been honored with many awards (including The Bank of Scotland Herald Angel, Total Theater Award Edinburgh, Grand Prix of the Konteksty Festival in Poznań, the Grand Prix of the MFTL in Toruń). The focus of Coincidentia's interests is contemporary theater of many means of expression (with particular emphasis on puppet theater). Coincidentia collaborates on a permanent basis with the German independent scene Lindenfels Westfluegel in Leipzig and the Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel.

Inviting Theater
Budapest Puppet Theatre
Awards and prizes
Paweł Chomczyk - best actor, 13. International Puppet Festival, Katowice,