Venue and date:
Hevesi Sándor Theatre, Zalaegerszeg
2023. 05. 07., 19:00
National Theatre Targu-Mures Tompa Miklós Company
Fotó: Bereczky Sándor


Venue and date:
Hevesi Sándor Theatre, Zalaegerszeg
2023. 05. 07., 19:00
National Theatre Targu-Mures Tompa Miklós Company
Ivan Viripajev
Radu Afrim
Stage designer: 
József Bartha
Costume designer: 
Orsolya Moldován
Dávid Dabóczi
Réka Szabó
Csaba Boros

Young girls, models, newlyweds, middle-aged spouses, bank managers, festival managers, betrayed husbands and wives, fourteen men and women of different ages and ranks, all talk about the world and our lost values in Drunk.

The author of the play, being the continuator of the New Drama movement in Russia and the initiator of the Oxygen artistic movement, experiments a theatrical language based on a completely new aesthetics: although it speaks of the cruel reality that surrounds us, he reintroduces poetry back into the theatre.

Radu Afrim creates real life situations in which the actors talk about their dilemmas in the strange state of drunkenness: Who is not afraid of death? What do faith in God, human fidelity and love mean today, when the everyday experience is not living transcendence but an aspiration to it? How could one live without lies?

The answer obviously depends on us.

Márta - Noémi Kádár
Márk - András Korpos
Magda - Dorottya Nagy
Lőrinc - Barna Bokor, Aba Sebestyén
Gusztáv - Botond Kovács
Dóra - Erzsébet B. Fülöp
Károly - Ernő Galló
Laura - Katalin Berekméri
Max - Csaba László
Róza - Orsolya Moldován
Linda - Ildikó P. Béres
Rudolf - István H. Ferenczi
Mátyás - László-Zsolt Bartha
Bíborka - Boglárka-Katalin Simon
Gábriel - Balázs Varga
A man - Szabolcs Csíki
Song - Magda Kásler, Fruzsina Szabó
Double bass - Márton Kostyák
Piano - Csaba Boros
Runtime: 195 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 2
Age limit: 18
The Director

Radu Afrim, born in 1968, is considered by the critics and the audience to be one of the most significant theater creators of the period after the Romanian revolution of 1989. His creative work is considered at the same time uniform and diverse. It can be said without exaggeration that he created a specific, unique and defining theatrical language, which is now considered as a trademark in the profession.

He is primarily characterized by nonconformism – he creates spectacular images, tableaus, and elaborate scenery, demands extremely powerful and intense performances from his actors, and uses the tools of the visual arts with inspired courage, working with syncretically composed scenes. Furthermore, Radu Afrim's uniqueness is characterized by his individual and unique text creation, he creates the text of his plays together with actors, and composes dazzling sound universes. His work has been awarded numerous awards, including 3 UNITER awards for best director.

In recent years, Radu Afrim recorded several important performances in the program of the Tompa Miklós Társulat of the National Theater of Marosvásárhely: The Devil's Casting – Radu Afrim (2014), Tranquility – Bartis Attila (2015), Retro-bird Hits a Block and Falls on Hot Asphalt – Radu Afrim ( 2016), Drunks – Viripajev (2018), and Grand Hotel Retro-bird – Radu Afrim (2021).

Inviting Theater
Hevesi Sándor Theatre, Zalaegerszeg