Venue and date:
Tüskecsarnok, Budapest
2023. 06. 08., 19:00
2023. 06. 09., 19:00
Heiner Goebbels

Everything that Happened and Would Happen

Venue and date:
Tüskecsarnok, Budapest
2023. 06. 08., 19:00
2023. 06. 09., 19:00
Heiner Goebbels
Heiner Goebbels
Heiner Goebbels
Stage designer: 
Klaus Grünberg
Matthias Mohr
C. Emaille, G. Gebbia, C. Lartigau, L. Maurel, N. Perrin, O. Messiaen, H. Goebbels
Video Design: 
René Liebert
Sound design: 
Willi Bopp
Lightning design: 
John Brown, Heiner Goebbels
Technical direction: 
Georg Bugiel 
Stage technicians: 
Danny Hones, Jan Hoffmann
Light operator: 
Torus Robertson
Stage management: 
Théo Arnulf
Assistance direction: 
Kristina Brem
PLAN B - Carmen Mehnert & Anne Schmidt

Everything That Happened and Would Happen spans a hundred years of European history: its giddy contradictions, false promises and consuming crises. Taking the First World War as a starting point, the performance proposes a landscape of fragmented incident without differentiating the trivial and the supposedly meaningful. Together with 16 musicians, dancers and performers, Heiner Goebbels leads us to a storage depot filled with the props of the past, the burden of the present and the key to possible futures.

Part-performance, part construction site, Everything That Happened and Would Happen is an invitation to imagine an alternative history of the 20th century through the poetry of collaboration and chance. Patrik Ouředník’s novel Europeana – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century, John Cage’s anti-opera Europeras 1&2 and the European TV channel Euronews – No Comment are three interlinked sources of inspiration and, in each case, material is reorganized and processed into a constantly evolving panorama of contrasts.

Everything That Happened and Would Happen is an open invitation to reflect on what constitutes European identity, where it has its origins and what its future might look like; to imagine different versions of our past, present and future.

Juan Felipe Amaya González
Maud Blandel
Sandhya Daemgen
Antoine Effroy
Ismeni Espejel
Freddy Houndekindo
Tuan Ly
Thành Nguyên Duy
John Rowley
Annegret Schalke
Ildikó Tóth
Tyra Wigg
Live-Music – Camille Emaille, Gianni Gebbia, Cécile Lartigau, Nicolas Perrin
Three voices – Vincent Dugdale, Shiori Tsuchida, Thanasis Deligiannis
Runtime: 100 min
Language: English with Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: 14
The Director
Heiner Goebbels. Fotó: Haralf Hoffmann
Heiner Goebbels - fotó: Haralf Hoffmann

Heiner Goebbels, born in 1952, lives as a composer and director in Frankfurt am Main. He holds a degree in sociology and music and has composed for ensembles and orchestra. He develops music theatre pieces, scenic concerts, radio plays, sound and video installations. In 2012, his book Aesthetics of Absence was published.

He has received several international awards, including the European Theatre Prize and the International Ibsen Prize. From 2012 to 2014, he was Artistic Director of the Ruhrtriennale. In 2018, he received the first appointment for the newly established Georg Büchner Professorship at the University of Giessen.

Inviting Theater
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest