Venue and date:
Csiky Gergely Theatre, Kaposvár
2023. 05. 22., 19:00
Csíki Játékszín
Csíki Játékszín - Csíkszereda: III. Richárd - fotó: Mészáros Tibor
Csíki Játékszín - Csíkszereda: III. Richárd - fotó: Mészáros Tibor

Richard III

Venue and date:
Csiky Gergely Theatre, Kaposvár
2023. 05. 22., 19:00
Csíki Játékszín
William Shakespeare
Vladimir Anton
Stage designer: 
Eranio Petruska
Costume designer: 
Eszter György
Réka Dálnoky
Zoltán Bene

'Could you love me too?' - asks the greatest villain of dramatic literature. Moralizing indignation will get us nowhere if we do not see our comical, brilliant, attention-seeker, charming, and terrifying children in Richard III's figure. If we are not willing to answer their disturbing questions honestly and take a closer look at ourselves and our environment - who made him so evil?

If we had to think of one evil-hearted character from dramatic literature, it would certainly be Richard III. On the other hand, what happens when we try to understand the motives of the 'biggest villain'? What would it be like to imagine ourselves in their place, to feel that we are rejected and marginalized from the moment of our birth, a man who was not paid attention to and was hardly loved or loved badly?

Understand Shakespeare’s infamous character and the Richard who lives within us in the era of power struggles, mediatized social spaces, personal interests and power techniques: this is what we invite our audience to.

Hosted by the Csiky Gergely Theatre.

Attila Kozma
Bernadetta Fekete
Jess Tóth
Gabriella Bartalis
Zsolt Kosztándi
Tamás Borsos
Vince Fazakas
Ágnes Márdirosz
Sándor Bende
Szabolcs Keresztes
Albert Veress
András Ernő Lőrincz
Szilárd Kányádi
Zoltán Fülöp
Roberto Giacomello
Attila Bilibók
Csaba Vass
Runtime: 200 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 2
Age limit: 14
The Director
Vladimir Anton
Vladimir Anton

Vladimir Anton, 39, theatre director, professor of the University of Theatre and Film ’I.L. Caragiale’ (UNATC).  Since 2021 he is the artistic leader of Csíki Játékszín, Csíkszereda (Romania).

During his school years he worked at Bulandra Theatre of Bucharest as director assistant. Then he took part in making  Youth Without Youth when he was Francis Ford Coppola’s director assistant. He directed more than 400 episodes of tv series. Furthermore, he organized many theater festivals.

He is interested in reinterpretation of classic dramas in contemporary frameworks often using multimedia tools. As he has Romanian-Hungarian-Russian roots, he is passionate about working through different languages.

His performances are played at theater festivals in Romania and abroad. Actors and stage designers who participated in plays he directed have won significant awards for their works.

In 2020, he directed  Thornton Wilders’ Our Town in the Sándor Tomcsa Theatre of Székelyudvarhely which was nominated  by the jury consisting of theater critics, for the award of Best Performance at the XXVIII. UNITER Gala.

Inviting Theater
Csiky Gergely Theatre, Kaposvár