Venue and date:
Budapest Dance Theatre – DEPO
2023. 04. 13., 19:00
COB Compagnia Opus Ballet, Italy & Budapest Táncszínház
Otetoman – Lisztmánia

Ototeman & Lisztmania

Venue and date:
Budapest Dance Theatre – DEPO
2023. 04. 13., 19:00
COB Compagnia Opus Ballet, Italy & Budapest Táncszínház
Stefania Menestrina, Sofia Galvan, Lóránd Zachár
Stefania Menestrina, Sofia Galvan, Lóránd Zachár
Stage and costume designer: 
Béla Földi
Loránd Zachár
Ferenc Liszt


Ototeman (the term from which the word "Totem" derives) is halfway between a game and a ritual, a fictitious room where everything is possible, two souls closely linked to each other in the continuous search for a space to coexist. The purpose of Ototeman is to explore the most instinctive part of our being, comprising both body and mind. An ironic and carnal dance distinguishes the relationship of these two bodies that are in a common but foreign state, continuous and intermittent.

The two figures have a fluid identity, they live themselves and their space in a childish and light way, they do not want to flatten their differences but make them live in union, overlap them to create a more complex and aware entity, larger and stronger. We want to invite the audience to feel part of a multisensory experience, as if the show were a meditation, a therapy. We would like to evoke the deepest memories, the most spontaneous sensations of those who look at us through the music, images and sounds we create.

Lisztmánia – Liszt Ferenc emlékére

Lorand Zachar’s creation; Lisztmania takes the audience to a special place. An intangible life, of (which) the profound musician. A musical genius admired from an early age, appears in the world of our time, where values and the incomprehensible often gets mixed up. With respect and pride, the choreographer and our company, delve in to the heritage of the world famous son of our country; Liszt Ferenc. In the running of the piece, classical and modern musics come together in great harmony. In many cases, human achievements and creations can be pushed into the background behind all the media's shallow "heroes" - celebrities, which are full of fake news. Heinrich Heine's used the term ‘Listomania’ somewhat derisively in a newspaper article.

He hinted that Liszt's career as a musical concert virtuoso in the 1840s evoked abnormal reactions from his fans. Liszt was the first megastar who consciously built up his image, he gave a solo concert for the first time, being the only performer. Starting with his back to the audience, he turned the piano to the side and dazzled even his enemies with his firework-like virtuosity and deep experience. But he didn't do all of this for the sake of self-importance, but wanted to increase the power and social esteem of art. The choreographer and our company are respectful and proud of the legacy of our world-famous compatriot.

Alexandra Sághy
Yvette Levine
Maria José Borges
Marika Trucci
Marika Masuda
Donát Varga
Bendegúz Varga
Matthew Bell
Damien Ledenon
Runtime: 70 min
Acts: 2
Age limit: 14 years
The Director
Zachar Lóránd
Zachar Lóránd

Zachár Lóránd Harangozó award-winning dance artist and choreographer was born in Gyöngyös in 1969. He completed his dance studies at the Kisz Central Art Ensemble.

At his age of eighteen, he became a member of the Budapest Dance Group. After that, he was a dancer for the Rock theater, the Veszprém Dance Workshop and the Madách theater.

At the beginning of the nineties, he met his master, Béla Földi, who opened to him unknown dimensions of dance art. The Budapest Dance Theater, which deals with modern and contemporary dance and is run by Béla Földi, hosted him for 11 years.

This was followed by a short stay at Ballet Pécs, then he started his professional years abroad. During his stay in the Netherlands, he first worked as a member of Djazz-ex in The Hague and then as a member of Danceworks in Rotterdam.

He made his first choreographies here even as an active dancer.

Since 2010, he is better known as a choreographer. Since then, he has dreamed up many works for the stage both at home and abroad. His works add color to the repertoire of several domestic companies. For example, Budapest Dance Theatre, Ballet Pécs, Szeged Contemporary Ballet, PR-Evolution Dance Inversedance Company of Zoltan Fodor, Budapest Operett Theatre, Badora Dance Company and Central European Dance Theatre.

His works choreographed by international ensembles can be found in the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

He is also a popular master teacher at the Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam and a teacher at the Hungarian Academy of Dance.

Inviting Theater
Budapest Dance Theatre