Venue and date:
Szigligeti Theatre, Szolnok
2023. 06. 07., 19:00
Teatrul Dramatic I.D. Sîrbu Petroșani, Románia

The Miracle

Venue and date:
Szigligeti Theatre, Szolnok
2023. 06. 07., 19:00
Teatrul Dramatic I.D. Sîrbu Petroșani, Románia
György Schwajda
László Molnár
Stage and costume designer: 
Cristian Marin

In the story, Vencel, the blind typesetter, finds himself in a unique situation. According to the law, he has to go for a review, and since no one can be kept on sick leave for more than a year, he is declared able to earn. According to Vencel, if he can make money as a typesetter, he can see because the committee can't be so ignorant as to send a blind man back to work. Vencel's adventures are set to begin to stay alive and prove that he can thrive on his own. He starts working, has a mistress, goes to pubs and even drives a car. He lives the average life of ordinary people - blindly.

The Miracle is about us. It concerns the minor or more significant disabilities we have repeatedly lived and dealt with. It's about proving and willpower that if we want to achieve something, we can do it. It's about typical rejection, about how we treat people different from us. And above all, it's about compromise. About how many sacrifices we make for prosperity and integration and how much pain we cause to those who honestly and sincerely love us. How do we destroy ourselves to be more beautiful, better and, in fact, becoming more average?

Daniel Cerga
Irina Bodea Radu
Oana Liciu Gogu
Gheorge George
Andrei Schiopu
Mihai Simasa
Mihai Alexandru
Robert Vladu
Izabella Badovics
Patricia Buraga
Dorin Ceagoreanu
Runtime: 135 min
Acts: 2
Age limit: no restriction
The Director

László Molnár is not only a male actor of exceptional weight and humanity but also a versatile theatre director. His most notable directing credits are: There is only one father (2008), Liliomfi (2009), Me and my little brother (2011), Where is the money? (2012),  Lift (2012), Horseless St George (2013), The Complete  Works of  Wllm  Shkspr  (Abridged) (2013),  The couturier (2015), The Good Soldier Švejk (2016), The lovers from Ancona (2016), Must answer  (2016), Janika (2016) -have won the audience's approval.

He is considered the rock in his theatre company. His colleagues can confidently count on him. Since 1997  he has been a  vital member of the Szigligeti Theater company. This weighty cardinal actor cannot be excluded from any cast. His versatile talent, mature masculinity, lovable human traits, charm, and humour allow him to perform many roles at the highest level. His acting culture, human intelligence, and exemplary human qualities have elevated him to the ranks of leading artists in recent years. László Molnár is loved and respected by his colleagues, who do listen to his considered opinion, take his calm advice and trust his taste. He is also a leading actor who has delighted the expert audience in recent theatrical seasons. László Molnár is an open person, an artist ready to serve. He fulfils many requests to recite poems on important national celebrations.

His work was rewarded with a Bodex ring (2008), the Prima award of Szolnok County (2009), the Jászai Mari award (2011) and the Bubik István award (2014).

Inviting Theater
Szigligeti Theatre, Szolnok