Venue and date:
St. Stephen's Square, Budapest
2023. 05. 26., 20:00
National Theatre of Hungary & Hungarian National Dance Ensemble

The Passion of Csíksomlyó

Venue and date:
St. Stephen's Square, Budapest
2023. 05. 26., 20:00
National Theatre of Hungary & Hungarian National Dance Ensemble
Based on 18th century Franciscan school plays and Passion by Géza Szőcs
Attila Vidnyánszky
Stage designer: 
László Székely
Costume designer: 
Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Zsolt Szász
Zoltán Zsuráfszky
Dance dramaturg: 
Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze

This is the story of Jesus condensed into a single outstretched moment. Baroque mystery plays and folk songs, contemporary poetry and the Bible. Theatre and dance. A harmony of styles and genres - all these combine into The Passion of Csíksomlyó as interpreted by director Attila Vidnyánszky.

The performance presents the world of 18th century Franciscan mystery plays, biblical quotations and secular and religious folk songs, with a contemporary viewpoint. In excerpts from Géza Szőcs' Passion, biblical characters speak of redemption with the cynicism, irony and incomprehension of modern man. These contemporary approaches are juxtaposed with the profound faith of the people of olden days.

The present stage-time, the 'here and now' is the Way of the Cross and the crucifixion. Key moments in Jesus' life are presented as flashbacks. The spectators thus experience a moment stretched into infinity.

This joint production of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble and the National Theatre has already been presented as an open-air performance in Csíksomlyó, and outside the Esztergom Basilica and the Great Church of Debrecen. The Theatre Olympics will present a grand Passion performance outside St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

Wayfarer - András Berecz
Mary - Auguszta Tóth
Mary Magdalene - Ágnes Barta
Christ - Nándor Berettyán
Peter - Zoltán Rátóti
Judas - József Rácz
Pilates - Lajos Ottó Horváth
Pilates' wife - Eszter Ács / Judit Gigi Vas guest artist
Annas High Priest - Ádám Schnell
Salesclerk - Dénes Farkas
Jerusalem man - László Tóth
Barabbas - Roland Bordás
Disciple - Sándor Berettyán
Lasarus - László Szabó Sebestyén
The son of Pilates - Buda Buzádi
Child Jesus - Barna Szűcs
Runtime: 130 min
Language: Hungarian with English synopsis
Acts: 1
Age limit: No restriction
The Director

Attila Vidnyánszky is a theatre and opera director, teacher, theatre manager and festival organiser. Originally from Transcarpathia, now part of Ukraine, he founded his company there, which continues to operate to this day and has been invited to prestigious festivals from Nancy to Torun and Moscow, including the Moscow and St Petersburg Theatre Olympics.

He was the Principal Director of the Hungarian State Opera House and, since 2013, he has been at the helm of the National Theatre in Budapest. He is the founder of MITEM (Madách International Theatre Meeting). He has taught in Kyiv and Kaposvár and currently teaches theatre directing at the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts. He has received many Hungarian and international theatre awards, including the Mejerhold Prize in 2009.

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National Theatre of Hungary