Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting open-air show, Nagymaros
2023. 06. 24., 23:00
Younak Circus
Younák 2. Photo: Michal Svitok
Street theatre


Venue and date:
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting open-air show, Nagymaros
2023. 06. 24., 23:00
Younak Circus
Pavl Kelley
Adrián Schvarzstein
Stage designer: 
Peter Janku
Costume designer: 
Dana Kleinert
Stanislav Marišler
Juraj Bielik
Pavol Hubinák, Pavol Bartovic
Lightning design: 
Róbert Sloboda
Bear costume and mask: 
Peter Cigán, Barbora Peuch
Kálmán Pál
Production manager: 
Katarína Pokorná

A unique combination of theatre, circus and folklore, the first contemporary circus production of Slovakia brings together traditional and modern approaches of performing art. It tells the 300-year-old story of the greatest Slovak hero from a broader perspective, with humour and without clichés, performed by an international artistic team.

Acrobatics, dance, live music and the legend of the brigands, inspired by Juraj Jánošík, a real historical figure, who represents the struggle for freedom of the Slovak nation. Was he a thief or a hero? The show does not aim to glorify, nor to devalue his memory, but works with metaphors based on human behavior and social issues. It focuses on universal themes such as the desire for freedom, justice or love. This comedy for theatre uses the best of the circus: tension, acrobatic risk and direct contact with the audience. And the best of the tradition: dance, costumes and music.

The team recruited from international artists and performers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Spain is led by a Spanish-Argentine director, Adrián Schvarzstein.

Ticket information:

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Júlia Mušákova
Denisa Kopáčková / Hana Mikulcová
Eva Gabčová
Anna Čekanová
Bea Kopáčková
Alexander Muller
Ján Minárik / Sebastián Dratva
Kristián Kaduk / Denis Seliak
Roman Vykysalý
Diego Cano
Izabele Kuzalyte
Runtime: 70 min
Acts: 1
Age limit: no restriction
The Director

Living in Barcelona, he is a mixture of various nationalities who come from different regions of Europe. He spends his life avidly accumulating experiences; among other things he is a comedian, an actor and a circus and street theatre director. Adrian Schvarzstein is a very energetic entertainer and showman, he also acts and sings in operas and with baroque music companies. However, in one aspect he stands out particularly: by mixing all those disciplines in one show.

After the spell with the Belgian circus Ronaldo he created Circus Klezmer that has already been touring for 15 years. Street theatre productions as The Greenman, The Bed, Dans and Arrived are touring all year long. He created Kamchatka, a theatre group that bases his creations on the theme of emigrants. With one very important aim: to make the spectator a highly amused participant.

Chaos, surprise and provocative innocence, there are just some of the main characteristics Adrian Schvarzstein has used to triumph in theatres and festivals all over the world, from Ireland to Cameroon.

He was awarded with Mira Miro prize for Kamchatka (Belgium, 2008), Ernst prize for his solo shows (Germany, 2008), Baroque Music Evenings Varazdin prize (Croatia, 2013, 2015), Zirkolika circus prize for direction in 2010 and best show 2018 (Spain).

Inviting Theater
V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting, Nagymaros