Festival date:
2023. 04. 07. - 2023. 07. 31.
Sárkányölő Sebestyén - forrás: KL Színház
(credit) KL Theatre

Dunántúli Theatre Festival

Festival date:
2023. 04. 07. - 2023. 07. 31.
Host theater: Soltis Lajos Theatre and other venues
Organizer: Soltis Lajos Theatre Cultural Association
Festival infos

The "Dunántúli" Theatre Festival takes place in the framework of the 10th Theatre Olympics from 7 April to 31 July. More than 50 theatrical events, concerts, craft fairs, and folk playhouses await the visitors.

The festival is organised along the three small towns of Celldömölk, Vép, and Vasvár. All three towns have significant theatrical traditions, theatre and theatre communities that are still alive and active today. The professional base of the "Dunántúli" Theatre Festival is the Soltis Lajos Theatre in Celldömölk. The company's theatrical activity and community creativity are known and exemplary both in the country and beyond our borders.

In addition to the three base towns, there are programmes in 23 other small villages within the Olympics.

The "Dunántúli" Theatre Festival presents amateur, independent and professional companies in several genres. Theatre will move into classrooms, kindergartens, market squares, community centres, parks, small villages, and large stages.

In the range of genres, every curious spectator can find a way to accept and understand the world around us, to preserve our values and pass them on. We build bridges between small villages and big cities, between amateurs and professionals, between regular theatre-goers and those seeing theatre for the first time. It will bring the countryside and the capital closer together, the motherland and Hungarians living beyond its borders.

Focus on the audience and the community. The majority of the performances are free of charge or for a nominal fee, as the organisers aim to get as many people as possible to attend their programmes. The "Dunántúli" Theatre Festival is based on community activism, in Celldömölk, Vasvár, Vép - and in the small villages hosting the performances. It is important that there is an opportunity to meet and talk after the theatre performances. In Celldömölk, there will be several "hubs" of the festival: a summering, Pentecost celebrations, open-air theatre evenings - the town is a partner in this -, the Soltis Terrace will open, and this year the SLOSZT (Soltis Lajos National Theatre Meeting) will be held in Cell under the umbrella of the Olympics and the festival. Also part of the festival programme are the regional Children's Theatre Meeting (WSO), the regional Student Theatre Meeting (RDT), and the theatre camps organised by the company.