Festival date:
2023. 04. 19. – 2023. 04. 23.

II. Karakulit International Shadow Theatre Festival

Festival date:
2023. 04. 19. – 2023. 04. 23.
Host theater: MárkusZínház Puppet Theatre, Pécs
Organizer: World Festival of Puppets
Festival infos

In April shadows will come alive once again in the heart of Pécs!

As a part of the World Festival of Puppets, between April 19th and 23th, the second edition of the Karakulit International Shadow Puppet Festival will take place, organised by MárkusZínház Puppet Theatre.

The festival is an interdisciplinary hub for theatre, fine arts and the history of arts, where in addition to traditional shadow theatre masters, European contemporary and experimental shadow theatre performers are also on display.

This exceptional festival is realised with value-preserving and value-creating intentions, and it focuses not only on lining up exotic performers and performances, but also on showing the historical aspects of shadow theatre culture, as well as inspiring the imagination and creative spirit of the participants. It provides an opportunity for regional and international artists to meet and create together, and it also interprets shadow theatre in an interesting and comprehensible way for non-professionals.

A total of 23 performances from 12 countries will be presented during the 5 days of the festival. In addition, an exhibition presenting the traditions of shadow theatre and numerous experimental workshops will await the professional audience, and everyone interested in this form of theatre.

Acclaimed representatives of shadow theatre come to Pécs from many parts of the world:

  • Tunghua Shadow Puppet Troupe - Taiwan
  • Wayang Theater - Ki Purbo Asmoro - Indonesia
  • Wayang Suket Indonesia - Gaga Rizky - Indonesia
  • Tholpavakoothu Theater - India
  • Anemodoura Puppet and Shadow Theater - Greece
  • El Gecko con Botas - Spain
  • Theater Tenj - Russia
  • Drew Colby - Shadowgraphy - United Kingdom
  • Moquette Production - Belgium
  • Tadeusz Wierzbicki - Teatr “i” - Poland
  • Divadlo Líšeň - Czech Republic
  • Fabrizio Montecchi - Italy
  • Lehőcz & Takács Company - Hungary
  • Mikropódium - Game of Shadows - Hungary
  • Grosschmid Erik’s Shadow Workshop - Hungary
  • “Magamura” Collective - Hungary