Suzuki Tadashi és Teodórosz Terzopulosz
Suzuki Tadashi és Teodórosz Terzopulosz

Thinking Olympics – A conversation with Suzuki Tadashi and Theodoros Terzopulos

On 18 April at 19:00, Teodoros Terzopulos and Suzuki Tadashi will hold a discussion entitled The Mindset and Collaborations of the Theatre Olympics at the National Theatre’s Attila Kaszás Hall.

The organizers of the 10th Theatre Olympics are delighted to present a dialogue between Theodoros Terzopoulos and Tadashi Suzuki, founders of the Theatre Olympics. 

The event will mark the publication of the two renowned theatre directors’ books in Hungarian. The Return of Dionysus by Theodoros Terzopoulos and Culture is the Body by Tadashi Suzuki are co-published by the National Theatre and the University of Theatre and Film Arts. 

Introducing their books, each director will elucidate the essential spirit and critical vision behind the foundation of the Theatre Olympics. Then they will then talk about their staging (A Doll’s House, The Trojan Women, Electra) at the National Theatre, within the framework of the 10th Theatre Olympics. 

The session will conclude with a Q&A from the floor.

Moderated by Ted Motohashi, a member of the International Association of Theatre Critics and President of the Japan Section.

Simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian and English.

Registration: [email protected]

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