Seedling/Helen Crevel

Climate consciousness workshops with Helen Crevel and Anne Langford

The Climate Fresk workshop offers an opportunity for participants to organise and have an overview of the fundamental science behind climate change.

The Discussion workshop focuses on creating in the performing arts sector and its impact on the environment.

  • What does the Global Impact Producer do?
  • How did the creators of Seedling integrate climate awareness into the production process?
  • How did they build climate regenerative practices?
  • How do Helen Crevel and Anne Langford, facilitators of the workshop, mainstream sustainability into their creative practice?
  • What resources are consumed by environmentally conscious work and what are the benefits?

These are some of the questions that will be answered during the afternoon workshop. There will also be an opportunity to share good practices, difficulties encountered and reflect on how to incorporate the learnings of other countries into the everyday life of the performing arts scene in Hungary and vice versa.

SEEDLING – Climate consciousness workshops with Helen Crevel and Anne Langford

  • Event Timing: May 12th, 2023
  • 9.00-12.00 Climate Fresk Workshop
  • 13.30-16.00 Climate Awareness in the Production Process -Discussion workshop
  • The workshops are in English.
  • Event Address: Jurányi Produkciós Inkubátorház / LABOR – 1027, Budapest, Jurányi utca 1-3.
  • Contact us at [email protected]
  • Register here.
További cikkek
A Színházi Olimpia hivatalos megnyitója - fotó: 4K Media Studio
Hungary's stages hosted the world's top theatre artists during the 10th Theatre Olympics from April 2023. The genre-rich programme attracted 200 000 viewers and put the country on the world theatre map.
Kutszegi Csaba
The diverse programme of the 10th Theatre Olympics included dance, a special genre of theatre. Among more than 40 performances were classical ballet, contemporary dance, movement art, and folk dance. We asked critic Csaba Kutszegi for his views on the performances.
The founder of the Theatre Olympics, Teodoros Terzopulos, is currently in Budapest rehearsing with the company of the National Theatre of Hungary for the production of Mother Courage and Her Children. We talked about the 10th Theatre Olympics hosted by Hungary, his relationship with tradition and audiences, and also the upcoming play.