Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Main stage
2023. 03. 27., 20:00
Amfitheatro Theatre


Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Main stage
2023. 03. 27., 20:00
Amfitheatro Theatre
Kollatos Fotios
Lotsou Panagiota
Costume designer: 
Phaedra Álmosd
Barbara Bokrossy
Eleni Kotsona
Kollatos Yiorgos
Ádám Fazekas, Sándor Mukk, Nikolaidou Phaedra
Stefopoulos Alekos
Eszter Koncz, Klitsa Paraskevi

In today's crisis-laden world, man looks for support in his global vulnerability, in order to survive, which he can only find in the framework of the moral-ethical historicity of our past. The intentions of Sophocles' Antigone drama have been valid for 2000 years, their reinterpretation is a modern adaptation of the work - even in the context of a theater performance it can actually "help" in the tangle of interpretation of the complicated structure of our existence.

Plato and Aristotle contradicted each other in many ways, but both viewed the necessity of democracy in a pejorative way. They saw exactly that the public interest and the private sphere are difficult to reconcile. Antigone is not only a clash of tyranny and brotherly love, but also an emblematic problem of the requirement of community and individual interest. Man's destiny has no other option than the "harmonious arrangement" of this irresolvable contradiction is the unwarranted effort to do so. In this search for a way, one can become the "most wonderful creature" following Sophocles.

Antigoné - Kotsona Eleni
Isméné - Fülöp Izabella
Kreón - Kollatos Fotios
Chorus - Álmosd Phaedra
Tiresias - Kollatos Fotios, Peták Róbert
Haimón - Peték Róbert
Guard - Álmosd Phaedra
Chorus - Efstratiadu Zoe, Nikolaidou Phaedra, Radis Afrodite, Wastl Akilina
Dancers - Fanni Béres, Diána Bodócs, Barbara Bokrossy, Fanni Dévai, Bíborka László, Laura Németh
Acrobats - Fanni Dévai, Eszter Mórocz, Zsuzsanna Nagy, Róbert Peták, Dániel Stián, Tímea Virga
Musicians - Kollatos Jorgos, Stefopulos Alekos, Nizalowski Fanni
Runtime: 80 min
Language: Greek with Hungarian subtitle
Acts: 1
Age limit: 14 years
The Director
Kollatos Fotios

Kollatos Fotios actor, director was born in Budapest, Hungary. He completed his secondary school studies at the drama department of Vörösmarty Mihály High School. In his youth, he was a key member of the Neaniki Szkini Greek Nationalist Theater for several years.

He was admitted to the Andreas Voutsinas College of Dramatic Arts in Thessaloniki, where he graduated as an actor. In Athens, he completed the Greek language as a foreign language course at the philology department of Kapodistria University with excellent results. He started his acting career in Greece in Thessaloniki and Athens, then continued as a freelance actor in Budapest.

In 2015, he is a member of the Theater Company of Hungarian Nationalities. Member of the Pécs Ildikó Theater Company.

In 2017, he is the founder and director of the Amfitheatro Greek National Theatre.

The Amfitheatro Theater, committed as the only continuation of Greek theater in Hungary, keeping in mind the goal of keeping the Greek language culture alive, in its activities of theater and drama pedagogy, combines the tradition of ancient Greek cultural values in a unique way in the approach of a theater with a modern understanding of all arts, which, according to its intention, in its value system - from childhood it can maintain and serve until adulthood, not only the Greek theater in Hungary.

Inviting Theater
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest