Venue and date:
National Theatre of Győr - Main Hall
2023. 06. 10., 19:00
Sava Ognyanov Drama Theatre, Ruse

Balkan Syndrome

Venue and date:
National Theatre of Győr - Main Hall
2023. 06. 10., 19:00
Sava Ognyanov Drama Theatre, Ruse
Stanislav Stratiev
Nedyalko Delchev
Stage designer: 
Petar Mitev
Costume designer: 
Petar Mitev
Tatyana Sokolova
Aglika Oltean
Plamen Mirchev - Mirona

The play “Balkan Syndrome” was written in 1987.

In the Soviet Union “Perestroika” is happening  in an attempt to save the system. In Bulgaria, the elite is quietly waiting for it to pass.

On the stage, as the curtain rises, another domestic story begins, until suddenly a man emerges from the audience, then a second, a third, another... All efforts of the actors on stage to continue the play are doomed. The people, anonymous until recently, don't want to stay silent any longer. They can no longer be mute about the injustices in their lives. The "audience" wants to watch its problems and dramas.

One by one they take the stage. We see the absurd attempts of the people confused by the ongoing changes to adjust - The Single Father, The Weatherman, The Maths Teacher, The Old Maid, The Village Man, The Intellectual... Everyone emotionally shares their problems with the audience and seeks its understanding. The theatre transforms into a tribune for people's spontaneous anger.

At the end, a misplaced wedding party appears... Inadvertently, the audience in other words real life takes over the theatre and in this parallel reality everyone reveals their passions, wrecks, desires... Everyone shares their pain, their fear, their hope. 

Marian Bachev
Ventsislav Petkov
Dona Valova
Ivaylo Draganov
Ivaylo Spasimirov
Yovko Kanev
Katerina Borisova
Evgeniya Yavasheva
Kristiana Tsenkova
Kadri Habil
Krum Berkov
Lyubomir Kanev
Mariana Krumova
Milen Dimitrov
Nadya Bancheva
Todor Lazarov
Yasena Gospodinova
Runtime: 120 min
Language: Bulgarian with Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 2
Age limit: 12
The Director

In 1985 Nedyalko Delchev studied literature in Veliko Turnovo University, where he received headache and bored to death by scholastic course offerings next academic year moved to capital city and started his studies in the Law Department in Sofia University. For the next two years his family was happy foreseeing him in velvet outfit, proclaiming justice and performing up to the expectations of the respectful status quo.

However, the stage of the court seemed to be too narrow for Delchev, and he suddenly derailed from what his parents thought would be a very promising career in law, by spending his time in the theaters, art cinemas, fine art galleries and other inappropriate for one serious young man places…Finally he disappointed them completely by graduating from National Academy for Theatre and Cinema Arts /NATFIZ/…

The shameful fact occurred in 1992.None of the two attended the sorrowful event. Actually there was not such event, because the diploma was given to his secretary…

Latter Delchev studied Theatre Management in UK and film studies in the same NATFIZ /studies he never finished in fact, because to study is a state of mind, rather than process of obtaining a certain degree…/
More importantly, when Delchev was 21 years old he created a plan for self study, with approximately 142 semesters and expected year of graduation 2057.

Publications and Research Interests:

Delchev proved to be very unfaithful in arts, the same way he was in his studies…He has been part of 17 productions in professional theaters, 2 films, 5 exhibitions… He has writen13 articles about cultural life in London, 1 scenario, 1 play… Pottery, video, post card design…

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