Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 19., 19:00
Artashat Armenien Theater

Hotel ‘Tündérsás’

Venue and date:
National Theatre of Hungary, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 19., 19:00
Artashat Armenien Theater
Tímea Antal, Tünde Trojan
Tibor Ember
Stage and costume designer: 
Phaedra Álmosd
Tünde Trojan

For the project, we managed to win a number of excellent artists from among the actors of different nationalities living in Hungary, who, in addition to their best professional knowledge, contribute to the central message of the performance with their personality, identity, and their own experiences. Thus, Armenian, German, Greek, Serbian, Romani, Polish and Hungarian artists jointly formulate the message of the play in their native language the performance is enriched with songs.

The play takes place in a modern, high-quality, international wellness hotel, the Tündérsás Hotel. The focus is on six women, who create the end result with the experiences and stories of their own national destiny or their immediate environment. Each character has a different habits, different culture, different life and historical background. Our show focuses on situations and sitcoms where the viewer can get to know them and have fun. Characteristics that feed stereotypes quickly emerge and are transformed into funny, twisty stories. During the conversations, we learn that they approach men with different methods and problem solving, but in the end it becomes clear to us that everyone wants one thing, to love and be loved.

Álmosd Phaedra
Zorica Jurkovits
Fotios Kollatos
Eszter Koncz
Linda Keller
Izabella Vajda
Sarolta Zöldhegyi
Runtime: 95 min
Language: Hungarian
Acts: 2
Age limit: 2 years
The Director

Tibor Ember was born in Budapest in 1960. He graduated at the Serbian-Croatian High School in Budapest in 1978., and completed his studies at the Medical Faculty Semmelweis University. He started his career at the National Institute of Traumatology, and from 1989 he worked as a surgeon at the Károlyi Korház in Újpest. He is a member of the Serbian Theater in Hungary since 1994.

1974-1991 he was a member of the Fáklya Dance Ensemble. His dance theater roles were: "Kricskovics: Ballad of Ráckevei"/Jován/, "Kricskovics: There were nine"/Father/, "Kricskovics: Orpheus and Euridikae"/Orpheus/.

Tibor Ember also worked as a choreographer in productions such as "Rusz-Lengyel: Millioner Mikica", "M. Stepanov-Lengyel G.: Where the sunbeam lives", "O. Nestorovic - Tales from St. Sava", "Details from my diary...", "Antic M.: Spring tale", "Lindgren: Pippi in Stockings" and "D. Dujmov -J.Zorica: Fates in the fog".

As an actor, he has appeared in performances such as  "Gábor Rusz Milán-Lengyel: Rose of Zombor", "Ferenc Molnár: Game in the Castle", "Strindberg: Miss Júlia", "Zoran Petrović - Béla Bartók: Well, command Szakula... ", "Dusan Kovacevic: The professional", "Radoslav Zlatan Dorić: God forbid, Serbs unite", "Edward Albee: We are not afraid of the wolf", "Péter Milosevits: The story of Serbian literature", "Rusz Milán: Gospel of Szentendre" , "Béla Pintér: Szutyok", "Tamás-M. Péter Cseh: Avala Expressz” and "T. Williams: Streetcar of Desire" among other productions.

In 2017 dr. Tibor Ember won the Rákospalota-Pestújhely Award of Merit.

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