Venue and date:
National heatre of Hungary, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 20., 19:00
Serbian Theatre of Hungary
Photo: Jaksity Iván

The Last Day of Alosha Karamazov

Venue and date:
National heatre of Hungary, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 20., 19:00
Serbian Theatre of Hungary
Anasztaszija Kargina
Anasztaszija Kargina
Stage designer: 
Sándor Krsztovics
Costume designer: 
Prágai Tibor
Anasztaszija Kargina, András Kozma

The monks of a remote Russian monastery are preparing for the morning liturgy on Easter Day. But during the festive service, a strange visitor arrives at the monastery - an old, strangely behaving pilgrim who seems to have decided to do something extraordinary and fatal. "But I don't even know why I came here... I'm sick..." he says. Who is this unknown person? Why did he come to the monastery? What secrets, pains, and sins burst out of him during the devout singing of the monks, what does he want to tell them?

The Last Day of Alosha Karamazov is a peculiar, apocryphal mystery play using Dostoyevsky's prose works, diaries, and letters, while at the same time texts taken from the Russian mystical literature of the 19th century and the manifestos of the rebellious intelligentsia appear in it. This monodrama interwoven with Orthodox liturgical chants is actually the confession of a sinful soul desiring purification, in which one can recognize the inner struggle of a man who longs for good, but is a world savior, under the spell of false ideas and captive to base human instincts, in the words of Dostoyevsky:"God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man”.

Milán Rusz
Dániel Dudás
Popovic Ljubomir
Cedomir Radlovacki
Kusalo Vladimir
Milojevic Milos
Tolimir Aleksandar
Crnjanski Bozidar
Runtime: 80 min
Language: Serbian with Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: no restriction
The Director
Anasztaszija Kargina

Anastasia Kargina was born in Leningrad (Russia) on January 7, 1990. Russian and Hungarian actress, director, drama pedagogue, playwright. She completed her college studies at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (Saint Petersburg). She worked as an actress and director's assistant at Mimigránti Theater in St. Petersburg.

Since 2018, she has been living in Budapest and working at the Hungarian Serbian Theater. Over the years, she has directed several performances: Cipollino (Gianni Rodari), Marriage Game (Edward Albee), The Last Day of Alyosha Karamazov (an oratorical monodrama based on the works of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky).

In 2022, she played in a Hungarian-language play for the first time, in a performance called Varsói Melódia - Anasztaszija learned Hungarian in order to play this role.

She also works as a drama pedagogue in a children's theater studio.

Inviting Theater
National heatre of Hungary, Budapest