Venue and date:
National Theatre, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 23., 19:00
Deutsche Bühne Ungarn


Venue and date:
National Theatre, Budapest – Gobbi Hilda Stage
2023. 03. 23., 19:00
Deutsche Bühne Ungarn
Georg Büchner
Nemanja Petronje
Stage and costume designer: 
Nemanja Petronje
Director's assistant: 
Noémi Palya
Imre Tibor
Sound Technician: 
Kálmán Szebeni
Zsuzsanna Palánki
Arghavan Shekari
Viktor Antal, Krisztián Kovács

„Man is an abyss, and I turn giddy when I look down into it.”

Woyzeck is a simple soldier. He is the illegitimate father of a child and the boyfriend of a woman whom he desperately loves. To support his family he sells his body for pseudo-scientific experiments. He hurries through life: to make enough money, to receive love, to please everyone. Woyzeck is pushed to the point where all humanity is driven out of him.

With this dramatic fragment, Georg Büchner created an early form of social criticism. The main focus is not directed on the resilience or the weakness of the individual, but much rather on the aggressive manner of an arrogant and hypocritical society ready to break Woyzeck mentally and physically in its quest for money, privilege and power. Subsequently, the tragedy that follows is just another perfect murder.

The production was sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest.

Franz Woyzeck - Otto Beckmann
Marie Zickwolf - Eszter Sipos
Kapitány - Dávid Földszin
Drum Major - Dominik Spies
Margreth - Melissa Hermann
Arzt - Niklas Schüler
Ärztin - Paula Donner
Andres - Dezső Horgász
Runtime: 80 min
Language: German with Hungarian subtitles
Acts: 1
Age limit: 16 years
The Director
Nemanja Petronje

Nemanja Petronje was born in Serbia, Sombor in 1975.

He graduated Multimedia Directing at the Art Academy of Novi Sad in 1999, and started his directing journey whilst still studying. During the studies, directed the following plays and/or films: "Tear" - by the own screenplay, "The Tunnel" - Pär Lagerkvist, "Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen" - Tennessee Williams, "Sanja's Case" - short film by the own screenplay, "Ah, Joe?!" - Samuel Becket, "Actor's Intermission" - Documentary-feature film by the own screenplay.

Works at the Serbian National Theater since 2008. There he staged the play Jucuca by Slobodan Obradovic (2010), for example.

Nemanja Petronje has also collaborated with other theaters where he has directed many performances over the years. Among his works: "OTHELLO ΔΥΣΔΑΙΜΩΝ" (Újvidék Theater, 2012), "Elsa is wanted" based on the play "Hopscotch" by Israel Horovitz (Színház 34 - Újvidék 2013), "The Song of Songs book of the bible" (Retired Cultural Arts Association "Isidor Bajic" - Újvidék, 2014).

He has been working at the Hungarian German Theater since 2016. After the productions "Miss Júlia" (2016), "Nathan the Wise" (2016) and "The Seagull" (2020), "Woyzeck" is his fourth production at the Hungarian German Theatre.

Inviting Theater
Association of Hungarian Nationality Theaters